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Mabeyin is a great kebab restaurant on the Asian side of Istanbul, the price is very good for what you get, the food is delicious and even though I still prefer Kosebasi for kebabs, this restaurant is very similar and almost equally good. I went there for lunch and from the outside it is a white building and does not look much, but when we went inside it was almost full and the place has nice cutlery, nice napkins and is very clean. English was an issue here as most of the waiters (understandably) did not speak it, and only one person could speak some English. I tried to order some wine for my lunch buddies, but I was told there is no alcohol served in this restaurant, so in the end my lunch buddies were offered apricot juice which they decided to have but were a bit upset when they were presented with peach juice which shows the language barrier a place like this can have. When we sat down we were given some marinated peppers, some Turkish cheese, butter and a baked Turkish bread, and I went through the menu and tried to look for some things for us to order to share. I really like the Turkish small pizza that is traditional in kebab restaurants and I ordered that, yoghurt with herbs, the tomatoe salad which I so love and now have even learnt the name of it so I can always order it (gavurdagi) and also the waiter with his poor English suggested I have this meat ball as he said it was very good. The starters arrived quite quickly as they always do in Turkish restaurants, and my tomatoe salad was lovely as usual, although the portion was so tiny. I also liked the thin Turkish pizza, although I think I prefer the ones from Kosebasi. The meat ball was excellent as the waiter had explained, but similar to what we had had in previous meals. For the main course I wanted to order a mix of meats and kebabs for us to share, and I ordered the yogurtly kebap (kebab cooked with bread and yoghurt) and also the waiter told me to order a plate of mix kebabs, and I told him I was ok for him to make a selection for us, but my only condition was that he does not bring too much. He seemed to agree with me, but somehow I did not trust this as I thought he could not understand me fully, but I was wrong as he did not bring me too much food. He brought us the yogurtly kebab, a plate of mixed kebabs including shish and chicken and another plate with minced kebabs wrapped in thin bread.  All the dishes were served with the green mild chilli pepper that Turks love as well as fried tomatoes and on 2 of the plates you also had onions mixed with herbs, and on one plate there was a small portion of rice. All the kebabs were excellent and just as they should be, the yogurtly kebab was delicious, although usually I see diced lamb there this time it was served with minced meat, but still nice, and all the other meats were lovely and as per usual in a Turkish kebab restaurant I just could not stop eating and ate way too much, which I guess shows this was a great restaurant. The location of this place is a bit funny, as it is not close to any tourist destinations but if you do find yourself around there, definitely go to Mabeyin for great Turkish kebabs.

Location: Istanbul
Price for 3 people, no alcohol and no service charge: TL 157.50 (around £57)
Date: 29/01/13

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Eski Kısıklı Caddesi No.129
Mabeyin Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 3.5