Sep 1 2013

Mango Mango


Mango Mango is a Vietnamese fusion restaurant and a very interesting one, as I had never had Vietnamese fusion food before. Mango Mango is located on the south side of Hoi An and overlooks the Japanese Bridge, one of the things you have to see in Hoi An. The atmosphere is very funky and this restaurant could be in London, they do great cocktails, great fusion dishes but unfortunately this restaurant also does charge somewhat more western prices.

We went to Mango Mango for dinner as I had read about it in my guide book and it was quite close to our hotel and we fancied a break from the typical traditional Vietnamese food. When we arrived we were seated on the outside terrace overlooking the street, which I thought is more interesting, as you can see what is going on, although you can also be seated inside. The whole outside area was full and we took the last table, which shows that this place is quite popular.

The owner of Mango Mango, Duc Tran, also owns another restaurant in Hoi An, Mango Rooms (opened in 2004), which apparently is equally funky, although we did not go there. Duc apparently has worked in Texas, Latin America, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Europe and learnt a lot from this and now returned to Hoi An and opened his own restaurants.

I had some of the best cocktails in Mango Mango, first I ordered a mango one that reminded me a lot of mango mojito and then a watermelon and passion fruit one with rum, which was equally delicious. Both cocktails had bits of real fruit in them, were big glasses so you got value for your money. Also before our meal arrived we were given crispy and delicious banana type of crisps served with salsa and after we had finished these and ordered our food we also got a Vietnamese amuse bouche, and this is the first time I had been given an amuse bouche in Vietnam, crispy fried fish with salsa which was quite tasty.

As for the food I let my boyfriend chose most of it, and we decided to get 2 starters and 2 main courses and share everything. I really fancied the “Gol ca” which was “fabulous fish salad” and had mixed greens, bean sprout, lettuce, onion and Vietnamese herbs topped with thin slices of fish fillet in lime and vinaigrette dressing so we ordered that and we also got “Ca Thu Cuon” which was called “lust in translation” and had tuna rolls double layered with nori and rice paper sheets served crispy and topped with a yoghurt, passion fruit and mint. The salad was a sort fusion salad, as it did not taste like a western or a Vietnamese salad and the flavours were less intense. The fish was delicious, but taste wise I prefer the more traditional Vietnamese salads. The tuna rolls were great. At first I was skeptical about them being served with yoghurt but it worked so well and they were crispy and tasty and once again more subtle and not as intense as Vietnamese food.

My boyfriend also ordered the two main courses and he chose “Chasing the chick” (as you can see clearly funky names of the dishes in Mango Mango) which had chicken breast stuffed with homemade Asian pesto, seasoned in garlic, onion, roasted cumin, served with smoked tomato sauce as well as “Peekin duckling” which had duck confit in five Asian spices cooked to tender with cashew nuts, green apple, raisin and rosemary and served with potato pancakes. I liked the main courses and once again I was a bit taken aback and sort of amazed by the flavours, as they were just not something I have had before, but taste wise I liked them but was not crazy about them. The chicken was nice, a bit too dry and not enough sauce for my liking, but quite nice. I did like the duck dish, it was sort of a funny take on the Vietnamese rice pancake, as here you rolled the duck and the sauce in the potato pancake. The duck was tender and full of flavour, and I enjoyed this more than the chicken dish.

If you are a bit tired of traditional Vietnamese food, this is a great place to go as this restaurant does serve very interesting food, and Duc Tran is clearly very talented to come up with this Vietnamese fusion food, but maybe it is just me, but in terms of taste I actually prefer the more traditional Vietnamese dishes. Also this was one of the most expensive meals that we had in Vietnam.

Date: 01/ 09/ 13
Location: Hoi An, Vietnam
Price for 2 people with alcohol: VND 1,450,000 and they asked for VND 150,000 service charge (£46 altogether)

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Mango Mango
45 Nguyễn Phúc Chu, tp
Hoi An
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