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Manicomio really surprised me in a positive way. Manicomio is an Italian restaurant with 2 branches in London, one next to Sloane Square and the other one close to St Paul’s station, and I have been to the Sloane Square branch a few times over the years and never found it that amazing, but when I went to the city branch last week, I was very positively surprised, not sure why really, they may have changed the menu or the quality of the city branch is just better. 


The Manicomio city restaurant has 3 floors (we sat on the top, third floor), and you use an elevator to get from one floor to the next, so it is a bit like SOS in Farringdon, but here the menu is the same on all floors, apart from the ground floor which you can also use as a casual coffee/ meeting place and where I have also been a few times to grab some coffee. The décor is very typical of a high end Italian restaurant, and has white table cloths and can seem a bit sterile, but on some occasions I really enjoy this, and the metal staircase and the metal elevator give this place a slightly edgy feel. 


I had my usual bloody mary before the meal (I tend to have it in most restaurants as you may have noticed) and here it was delicious, just like it should be, and whilst I was drinking it (way too quickly as it was so nice) I was also eating the nice bread they had brought. As a starter I had the “Yellow fin tuna and tomato tartare with black sesame and lardo”, which was perfect. I have had tuna tartare with black sesame once before in an Italian restaurant in Latvia and I did think it worked together superbly well, and here I thought the same, the black sesame was the most perfect addition to the tuna tartare, I am surprised more restaurants don’t do this. My friends had the starter of the “Padron peppers stuffed with squid, ndjua sausage and tomato ragu”, which they said was very good, and it looked very well presented. 


As I was feeling very full from the meal I had the night before, I decided to opt for another starter, and not a main course, and I had “Baby artichoke, Jersey royal and rocket salad with parmesan and vin cotto”, and I was surprised to find out potatoes in this salad (which I did not want), and here my English did let me down and I did not know Jersey royals were potatoes. Still the salad was delicious.One of my friends had the “Slow roast Dorset lamb shoulder, peas, broad beans and spring greens”, which looked nice, and he said tasted very well (I did not try), and my other friends had the “Cornish monkfish osso bucco, grilled courgettes, chilli and morbido vinegar”, the “Roast red mullet "Saltimbocca" wrapped in parma ham and sage with caponata” and the “Grilled saffron baby chicken, Swiss chard, chilli, sultanas, pine nuts and lemon”, and all of the dishes looked great, and nobody said any criticism about the food and everyone enjoyed it.


I had the “Strawberries with white chocolate cannoli, prosecco jelly and mint” as a dessert, which was wonderful and all the elements seemed to work so well in this dessert, and I loved the presentation of the dish with beautiful flowers. My friends had the “Chocolate croccantini with honeycomb and macerated cherries”, “Tiramisu” and “Peach and vanilla cheesecake with apricot sorbet”, and once again all the dishes looked wonderful and nicely presented, and I tried some of the Tiramisu, which was very nice.


Do go to Manicomio city branch for some wonderful Italian food. 


Date: 31/ 07/ 2012

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