Oct 2 2013


Manon is a very trendy restaurant in Moscow. It is a restaurant and a club, where after your dinner you can stay and dance and have fun. It is owned by the restaurateur Andrew Dellos and the group “Ginza project” which owns many restaurants across Moscow. My colleagues recommended I go to Manon for dinner. Manon is located in the centre of Moscow across from the Crown Plaza hotel and close to hotel Ukraine, which is a building that really does stand out in Moscow. It is easy to find Manon from the outside, as there are large letters saying “Manon” but once you get it, we got a bit lost as you have to go up to the 1st floor and it was not that obvious. Manon is located next to another restaurant and we walked into the wrong one at first. 


The décor in Manon is very grand and opulent and it does feel like you are eating your dinner in a semi-club, and the owners call the style “modern eclecticism”. They have high windows, antique mirror frames, carved ceilings, velvet sofas where you can eat, and most people chose to sit and eat on the sofas as opposed to by a table, and in general they have apparently tried to mix Baroque, Art Deco and industrial-styles when to me it just looks like Russian opulent style. They also have a DJ stand above the tables and you can only see him waist down and I have taken a picture of the view from my table of this DJ which was quite interesting. I did not stay here that late to see it, but apparently this place does go into a full club like spirit later on.


Manon calls itself a “modern Moscow kitchen” and apparently their menu serves the current food preferences of Moscovites, so it features the thing you have to have in any trendy Moscow restaurant  - sushi and sashimi – as well as other trendy European, Asian and Russian dishes. Mark and I both ordered “Green salad with artichokes and avocado” to start with and this salad was excellent. The presentation was good, very interesting how all the vegetables were beautifully piled up, there was a delicious sauce at the bottom that you can eat and just a very good version of what could have been a very plain salad.


My colleagues had mentioned that this place had great sushi and they really sold this to me as a sushi and sashimi restaurant, so I had to have these, although later after my visit one of my other colleagues did say that the other dishes here are better than sushi/ sashimi. You could not really order a sushi selection here you had to order everything by piece, and you could either chose to have scallop, shrimp, salmon eel or tuna sushi. The menu also said they had spicy sushi, and you could also chose a piece of spicy scallop, shrimp, salmon, eel or tuna sushi. I was really intrigued by this spicy sushi and I decided to order a piece of everything, so 10 pieces of sushi altogether, 5 normal (one of each) and five spicy. In the end when the sushi arrived, I was extremely disappointed with the spicy sushi, as I had not realised and no one had explained to me that spicy sushi would be fish mushed up with mayonnaise or some other sort of strange sauce and some spicy things and put in a seaweed wrap. This was no sushi, this was a strange unhealthy type of weird thing that I was given, and I am quite upset they did not actually state this as this is not acceptable to sell this as sushi. I did eat it, found it ok, just annoyed about the concept.


We also ordered California rolls to share and Mark ordered a sashimi selection which had scallops, tuna, salmon and prawns. The California rolls were quite nice, but Mark said his sashimi were hit and miss. The tuna he said was not the best tuna, and I do agree, it sort of looked like tuna, and was fresh, but something, and I can’t work out what, was missing. Mark also did not quite like the salmon, but thought prawns and scallops were nice, and you sort of take it for granted that in London in so many, even small, restaurants you get perfect fish.


I finished my meal with a lovely strawberry tea. Manon had a wonderful and creative selection of teas, many with fruits and interesting combinations, and my strawberry one was not like the fruit teas you get from Lipton tea packets, the flavour was very intense and super delicious, you don’t need a dessert after this sort of a tea.


Also the other thing I have to say about Manon, was that just like in most places in Moscow, the service was not great. The waiter (that looked like Jude Law) ignored us quite a bit, took time to bring the food, it was just a bit chaotic, and it did not feel like we were that important to him.


I thought the décor and atmosphere were very grand and sort of cool at Manon, and these I will remember, but the food was average, but maybe as my friend Farhan says, I need to go back and try the non sushi/ sashimi dishes, which according to him are better.


Date: 02/ 10/ 13

Location: Moscow

Price for 2 people with some alcohol: RUB 6885 (£131) and I left £10 service charge

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ул. 1905 года, 2, г. Москва 123100
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