Jun 2 2013

Maroush Gardens

Maroush is a chain of 16 Lebanese restaurants, 8 of which are located on Edgware road, all within walking distance of each other. A Lebanese man Marouf Abouzaki opened the first Maroush more than 30 years ago on Edgware Road. Most people from London, if have not been to Maroush, know of Maroush, as you see these restaurants everywhere and these days you almost think they are a synonym for Lebanese food.

I went to Maroush Gardens on Edgware road with my friends Lasma and Katrina as we wanted to have some healthy Lebanese food and I had been to Maroush Gardens before with my friend Kristine who really likes it and thinks it is one of the best Lebanese restaurants in London. Maroush Gardens is more formal and quieter than the other Maroush restaurants and it has a fishpond on one side of the room and a skylight roof.

We wanted to share food and have healthy food as it was a Sunday dinner, and so we ordered 2 salads “Tabbouleh” (Parsley salad with tomato, fresh mint, onion, cracked wheat, lemon juice and olive oil dressing) and “Spicy Lebanese salad” (Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, parsley, mint, onion, chopped green chilli and fine Lebanese spices with lemon and olive oil dressing) and to go with this some grilled halloumi cheese “Halloum Mishwi”, “Hommos Shawarma” (hummus topped with sliced marinated lamb) and a plate of mixed grill which included minced lamb, marinated lamb, and chicken cubes. The waiter also brought us a complimentary plate of vegetables that included carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and radishes as well as olives, and Lasma especially liked the vegetables, as she does not eat pita bread and used these to dip into hummus. I really liked all the food and I had recently been to a Persian restaurant Alounak, which I know is not the same, but here in Maroush I just found all the food fresher and tastier. All the vegetables were great, tabbouleh was perfect and the spicy Lebanese salad extremely delicious with a nice spicy hint to it. Hummus with lamb was also very delicious, and the lamb was great quality. The meat in the mixed grill was also great and very soft.

I have been to Maroush before and it never lets me down. The food is consistently fresh, good and delicious. The service is better than in other Lebanese or Persian restaurants as they don’t try to kick you out as soon as you have finished your food and they generally do try to take care of you, and I always have a pleasant meal.

Date: 02/06/13
Location: Edgware Road
Price for 3 people, with 1 glass of wine and service charge: £62

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Maroush Gardens
1 Connaught St, W2 2BH
United Kingdom
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