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Mash is a Danish American Steak House, I know very confusing, but the place originated in Denmark, and it serves American steak (MASH stands for Modern American Steak House). Mash now has 4 restaurants in Denmark, and a few months ago they also opened a branch in London in Soho. I booked a table for dinner on a Saturday night in Mash for me, my boyfriend and our 2 friends and not only did they call and confirm my reservation they also sent me a reminder text on the day, which I thought was a very nice touch. MASH is located in Soho in a newly built building, and when we entered the restaurant on the ground floor we were welcomed by 2 lovely girls and told to go 2 levels down to the main dining area (you can take the stairs or the elevator). Note they did not offer to take my coat but my friends were more lucky and their coats were taken and hung on the ground floor, when my poor coat was left on the chair next to me at the table. When we entered the big dining area in the basement it struck me how huge it was. There is a bar at first and then the dining area stretches far and wide and I read afterwards that it can fit 350 people in the room, so it is absolutely gigantic and getting a reservation here should be quite easy due to the supply of tables, and even if have not booked anything on a Saturday night and want to go out, chances are you will always be able to just walk in and get a table here. When we first arrived and were seated only a few tables were occupied but by the end of our meal around 70 or 80% of the dining area was full. The high ceilings of the room and the spacious room are quite nice and as my friend Agate put it, there are no problems having a discussion like you can have in other loud restaurants and in some places you almost feel like you are dining together with the table next to you, but MASH did not have any of these problems. The menu is full of steak, and there are steaks from 4 different countries – Uruguay, America, Denmark and the expensive wagyu beef from Australia. The waiter tried to explain to us the difference between the various countries and the steaks and he said the Danish beef is less tender but has a strong beef flavour and the Uruguay beef is softer and the American one is juicier. In the end we decided to order different steaks so we could compare these different qualities. The menu also features a few starters all of which are £10, and we decided to share 2 starters among ourselves the “lingune with tiger prawns, tomatoes and chilli” and the “smoked salmon with potatoes and spinach”. The linguine was nice, although the prawns were small and it is silly to call these tiger prawns. However I did think that either both portions were quite small for £10 or too expensive for what they gave you. After the starters we had our steaks, and I had an American steak, my boyfriend had a Danish one, Agate had an Uruguay one and her boyfriend had another type of American steak. I thought the steaks were not cheap as the Uruguay steak cost £29 on average for 200g, the Danish one was £28 for an average of 250g and the American steaks cost from £32 upwards for 300g, so the prices were similar or even a bit more expensive than in Goodman and Hawksmoore. The steaks were nice though, I am not a huge steak connoisseur, but everyone on our table liked them and it was quite cool trying the various steaks and comparing their taste. I especially liked the Uruguay one as it was extremely soft, and also I did like the Danish one, as it did have a strong beef flavour, so if you do go there try to order various country steaks and compare them, that is a lot of fun, although despite what the waiter told us, it is not that easy to share the steaks as they just put them on a plate in front of you and I wish they would have actually made it easier to share and cut them and put all these in the middle. As for the sides we ordered some fries, chilli fries, Tomatoe salad and Fried jalapenos, and overall I was not that impressed with the sides and I thought they did let the place down a bit, and I much rather prefer the sides in Hawksmoore and Goodman. The fries were ok, but not that delicious, the chilli fries were a bit better, but they were just a bad version of Nandos peri peri fries, ie not as tasty. The tomatoe salad was just cut up tomatoes in slices and covered with some small bits of sauce and a piece of parmesan cheese, once again other steak houses do offer you a better tomatoe salad. The fried jalapenos whilst looked great on the menu, I thought were a silly and useless little side, as it was just small spicy peppers and you could not really eat them with the meat, they did not really go well with anything. They were nicely presented in a small pot thought. The sauces I also did not think were brilliant, and I tried the pepper sauce, garlic and thyme one and béarnaise one. The good thing about them was that they were free with the steak (other places make you pay for them), but the pepper one and the garlic one tasted very similar and they were both extremely watery and too watery for a steak sauce. And on the contrary the béarnaise sauce was too thick, but also was not that tasty. So I think whilst the quality of steaks is comparable with the top steakhouses like Goodman and Hawksmoore which I have reviewed quite highly, the starters, the sides and the sauces, so all the extra other things are actually worse at MASH than at the other steak restaurants. After our meal the girls ordered MASH typical margaritas whilst the boys were drinking stronger drinks and we also ordered some sorbet. I shared raspberry and passion fruit sorbet with my boyfriend and each scoop cost £3, but they did give you very large scoops. The sorbet was very enjoyable and the perfect thing to finish our meal. Whilst I had a lovely time at MASH and enjoyed the interesting large room, the different country steaks, I do think this place is quite expensive for what it serves, and I do prefer Hawksmoore and Goodman which would be in the same price bracket. Still if you want some steak and are bored of the usual places you go to and want something different and if you are not paying for your meal, I think you should try MASH as you will have a good time (and try the Danish and Uruguay beefs, slightly more exotic), but try to go there when it will be busy because I think it could be quite daunting being alone in that huge dining room.

Location: Soho
Price for 4 people with alcohol: £339.75
Date: 26/01/13

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