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I have mixed feelings about this burger restaurant. I really like their burgers and their NY atmosphere but I don’t like their pretentious service and attitude towards customers. MEATliquor as the name slightly suggests is a burger restaurant with a bar on one side of the room serving funky cocktails, located just behind the Oxford Street Debenhams. 


The first time I went there at the beginning of last year, I absolutely loved it, and thought it was my best discovery for the last 6 months because it was the first restaurant in London to start the posh/ expensive/ supposedly better burger trend. Also the FT and Evening standard both mentioned this restaurant in their top 10 best restaurants that opened in 2011. Nowadays though in 2013 there are many good/ high end/ funky burger restaurants like MEATliquor, such as Patty and Bun, Honest Burgers, Tommi’s Burger Joint. So whilst a year ago this place really did stand out, now it stands out less. 


The original MEATliquor is located in New York and I loved the New York Village East feel that I got the first time when I walked in, and I felt like I could walk out of the restaurant and be in New York. The place is dark, with dark red lights and inside you get cocktails served from small cheap glasses/ jars which is supposed to be funky (but sort of reminds me of the glasses in my Latvian school cheap dining area) and overall I think this is a great place to take a date. I do however don’t like their pretentious attitude as I said before. The little sign outside their door says it all “At peak hours when there is a queue please join the end of it, even if some of your crew are already seated. Come together, eat together. No exceptions”. A lot of the times when you go there, especially during the evenings there will be a queue and the staff won’t try to seat you as fast as possible but will make you linger outside and then at the bar whilst they sort out tables. When we last came here, the restaurant was not that full and even then they made us buy a drink at the bar, located on one side of the room, and wait for a bit before they were “ready”. Also when we were eating and my boyfriend reminded them that one of the dishes we had ordered had not arrived, the waitress did not seem to care and said it was not her responsibility to bring the food (she was responsible for something else) and we need to ask someone else. 


The burgers at MEATliquor are great thought, which sort of compensates for their service somewhat. They are quite big (tall) and it can be a bit hard to put them in your mouth, but they are delicious, with delicious meat and bun. The first time I went there I had the chilli cheeseburger (which has beef, cheese, red onions, pickles, lettuce, mustard and ketchup), and it was one of the best burgers I have had in a while. I also ordered fries which where so good, I had way too many. On another occasion I have also had the green chilli cheeseburger (which has all the same things as a cheeseburger but also chilli butter). You can also have various “birds” as the menu calls it – bingo wings, dirty chicken burger and buffalo chicken burger and you can also have burgers with mushrooms, chilli dog, vegetarian burger and besides the fries that I had there are three other types of fries – cheese fries, chilli cheese fries and phili cheese fries, and I have always looked at them and wanted to order one of them but always thought it would be too much and too fattening to have this with the burgers. During my recent visit I also ordered “wedge salad” from the “rabbit food” section of the menu, which had lettuce wedge, cherry tomatoes and spring onions and blue cheese dressing. The salad was delicious but felt super heavy and calorific due to the blue cheese dressing.


You will have a delicious and fun dinner if you come to Meat Liquor, if you can bear to wait in the queue outside and then also by the bar and don’t mind the sloppy service, and as I said if you are thinking of where to take a date, this place could definitely be an option. The bar also serves various interesting cocktails with funky names like “time of the month” and “fallen Angelita” so if you take a date here you will have a fun time going through the drinks menu and drinking their funky cocktails by the bar. 


Date: 16/ 09/ 12

Location: Marylebone

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