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I really liked MEATliquor, a burger restaurant just off Oxford Street, when I first went there so when I heard they had opened a sister restaurant called, MEATliquor, in Covent Garden, I was very keen to go. MEATmarket is located in the Covent Garden piazza but in the worst location of the piazza as it is located in the open air market which is on the south side of the piazza and overlooks stores of cheap clothes and bags and when I went there they were all being taken down creating such awful noise I could not hear what my boyfriend was saying (and most of the time I do like to hear what he has to say). 


We went there on a Friday shortly after it had opened and during an early evening before watching a move in Leicester Square. I wanted to get there early expecting big queues, like you see in MEATliquor, but when we arrived there was no queue, although they clearly were expecting one, as there was a sign at one side of the restaurant saying you queue there for food (just like MEATliquor has). I suspect there will be less of a queue these days as more people will be directed to the other neighbouring burger places – Shake Shack and Five Guys. 


The place is also funky like MEATliquor, but more casual and the seating is not as comfortable and the whole atmosphere not as fun, and whilst I would take a date to MEATliquor, I would not take a date to MEATmarket as they will just think you are being a bit stingy. 


I also liked the food much better at MEATliquor than at MEATmarket. I liked he casual, funky and sort of American cheap food paper in which the food arrived, the same that Meat Liquor had. As for the food we ordered two burgers, fries and croquette type of dish. The food was much less exciting than the food in MEATliquor; the burger was not as good as the burger in MEATliquor. I also thought the fries were quite bland. I did like the croquette type side dish that I ordered and it was filled with cheese and jalapeno peppers and had a lovely dipping sauce. Another cool thing about this place was the alcoholic slush puppies (called Miami Vice – super cool – and tasting very nice!!) and milkshakes! 


Date: 11/ 05/ 12

Location: Covent Garden

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The Mezzanine, Jubilee Market Hall, Tavistock Street, WC2E 8BE
United Kingdom
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