Dec 1 2012

Mekes Krogs


This was such a wonderful discovery. Mekes Krogs is located on the Riga-Tallin highway, on the 51st kilometre, and the only reason why I came across it, was because I am building a house quite close to this restaurant. Mekes Krogs is one of those traditional restaurants, that is located on a highway and where you can stop if you are traveling long or short distances on the highway and serves Latvian traditional food. The place has history (which you can read about, as it is described on the paper mat that you get under your plate), and Meke is not a traditional Latvian name, and the place is named after landlord van Meeke (who by the name I assume was German), and the restaurant is located in Meeke’s old barn where he used to keep 20 goats. The place is open daily from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening and I stopped there with my brother and my dad for lunch.


My dad and I had some borsch (traditional beetroot soup) to start (I had a small portion though) and the soup was wonderful. For the main course my dad ordered the most amazing thing (I also looked at the menu for a long time and wanted to order it, but decided against it, as I wanted to taste as many different things), he ordered a risotto but Latvian style and instead of rice the risotto used a traditional Latvian type of grain called “grubas” (in English pearl-barley) and it was made with Latvian traditional mushrooms, ceps (or porcino). It was amazing, and I loved this dish, it showed creativity by using Latvian traditional ingredients and making something else with them (risottos are not widely eaten in Latvian) and to find such a gem of a dish (if I was ever competing in Masterchef I would try to create a dish like this – something using traditional Latvian ingredients but in a modern way) on a highway in Latvia was amazing. It was also extremely delicious and one of the best risottos taste wise I have had in my life. I ordered a Latvian traditional dish (as I always really crave Latvian food when in Latvia), some pork ribs with sauerkraut and Latvian boiled potatoes and this dish was also very nice, very good execution of this simple Latvian dish. My brother had a chicken fillet cooked in a flower coating (also very traditional in Latvia) with some fries and vegetables on the side, nothing too complicated, and they did a good job making it. But the best thing about this meal were the prices! It is such a great value for money place. Riga has become quite expensive these days so it is amazing to find these type of places where you can have a big meal for 3 people under £20. Also the place was extremely tourist friendly. When I was there 2 different groups of non Latvian speakers were having lunch there and the waiter served them perfectly, they have English menus and English signs and you can read about the place in English, which I think is a total novelty to have on a highway (English will be available in the larger cities of Latvia, but it is so nice to see people also do this in other parts of the country).


If you are ever traveling on this highway and want to have a break, I thoroughly recommend this place for some typical Latvian food very reasonably priced. 


Date: 01/12/12

Location: Middle of Latvia

Price for 3 people, no alcohol, no service charge: LVL 16.86 (a bit less than £20)



I went to Mekes Krogs again on my last visit to Latvia, and have some nice pictures of what this place looks like during the summer. You can sit outside under the sun by wooden tables on wooden chairs and enjoy their good food. We arrived at 5pm when the kitchen had just closed (as it was the Jani celebration, a Latvian traditional holiday, that evening) and the only thing that we could get the kitchen to make for us before they locked the doors were the Latvian cold beetroot soup and a plate of fries, both which we ordered. Both dishes were good, the Latvian cold soup was thick (only people that are not stingy with ingredients make it this way) and tasted traditional and just like it should be. The chips were also good. I keep my rating and always happy to go there for a casual meal. 


Date: 23/06/2013

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Mekes Krogs
Salacgrīvas novads Liepupe Tallinas šosejas 51. kilometrs
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