Jun 7 2015

Melt Room


Melt Room is a grilled cheese sandwich café in Soho. It serves mainly different types of grilled sandwiches with cheese, which are inspired by the New York style cheese-stuffed sandwich. The café was set up by someone from New York who could not find a true melt cheese sandwich in London. The menu offers 6 different breakfast dishes (mainly sandwiches) for around £6, and 9 different “Melts” which are also £6 on average. If you don’t want to eat a grilled sandwich there are also a few soup and salad options and a few sides. They say they try to use the best quality ingredients and where possible source them locally.

We came here on a Sunday mid-day at around 11.30 and there were 2 other people besides us in the cafe. The café is small, with a bright yellow décor, I guess trying to make this into a super fun place. There were 2 ladies serving “Melts” and you could see the sandwiches stacked up by the till, before being grilled. We chose 2 of the “Melts”, one with pastrami, porcini mushrooms, horseradish and sparkenhoe red Leicestershire, and the other one with pulled pork shoulder, Pommery mustard, real ale and apple chutney & sharp cheddar. We had to wait around 5 minutes for the sandwiches to be grilled.

I had read quite a few things about Melt Room before I came here, and I was literally expecting the best sandwich I have ever had, and what I got was far from that. The taste was not amazing. It felt like the was too much bread and not enough filling. It also did not feel very “cheesy”, there was some cheese but I was expecting there to be a lot more. The rest of the filling was not great too and I guess drowned in too much bread. My fiancé and I both preferred the pastrami melted sandwich, as the pulled pork shoulder was too sweet for me, but as I said because there as so much bread, I did not get a strong pastrami or pulled pork flavour anyways. Each sandwich cost  £7, and was very average. Birleys, the chain sandwich shop, does a better job at making cheese sandwiches.

Date: 07/ 06/ 15
Location: Soho
Price for 2 people for just food: £14

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Melt Room
26 Noel Street W1F 8GY
United Kingdom
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