Dec 31 2012

Mia Bella Roma


This is an awful Italian restaurant on Ocean Drive in Miami and the only reason why I am writing this (as I did think it was a waste of my time even to type this up) is so you would not go there. There are quite a few restaurants located on Ocean Drive in Miami and all of them have wonderful ladies at the door inviting you into their restaurant, and this was one of the worst restaurants on Ocean Drive and we were extremely unlucky to pick this one, that charged high prices and served you bad food, so make sure you go to another one on Ocean Drive and not this one. We were not that hungry and we ordered a pizza to share (I should have suspected something was seriously wrong, when there were only 3 pizzas on the menu in an Italian restaurant, a margarita, a “meatlovers” pizza and a seafood pizza. We ordered the meatlovers one and also some prawns as in other Miami restaurants you get these amazing large prawns. The prawns which cost me $20 (you get cheaper prawns in the best Miami restaurants, Prime One Twelve and Joe’s Stone Crabs) were awful for the price, as you just got 5 little prawns (not like the nice big ones other places serve) on a plate of lettuce covered with some Mary Rose sauce. The pizza was also terrible, it had all sorts of meat all mushed together on the pizza, and the pizza was quite thick and not nice at all. This is one of the worst value for money meals I have had in a long time. 


Date: 31/12/12

Location: Miami 

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Mia Bella Roma
1238 Ocean Drive FL 33139
United States
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