Sep 14 2012

Mien Tay



Mien Tay is a Vietnamese restaurant located in Shoreditch, on Kingsland road, the road that seems to have more Vietnamese restaurants than in the rest of London combined but the interesting thing is that the Hardens guide seems to think Mien Tay has better food than the other Vietnamese restaurants and gave it the top rating (#1) for food, when the rest of the restaurants got #2 at best. Mien Tay serves southwest Vietnamese food and the restaurant is named after the area “Mien Tay” where Mr Su Tran and Mrs My Le originate from and the area’s food they cook and besides this branch in Shoreditch, also has a branch in Battersea and Wellingborough.


I went to Mien Tay because my friend Russell was celebrating his birthday there (the dinner before he really started celebrating his birthday) and I personally could see no difference between the food in Mien Tay and Cay Tre or Viet Grill, other Vietnamese restaurants, that are located nearby and actually I would prefer the latter two restaurants to Mien Tay as at least the ambience and décor are better there. 


Mien Tay is located further away from the centre of Shoreditch on Kingsland road than the rest of the Vietnamese restaurants and when I finally arrived there, people had already ordered the food. There was a huge crowd of us, and all of us were going to share the food, so I did not have any input in what I was going to eat, but you can see below pictures of the food that we had. First we had a duck dish and some Vietnamese fried spring rolls. The duck dish was ok, and the Vietnamese rolls were nice, but note this food whilst very delicious and good (I love Vietnamese) did not really stand out. We also had some pad thai, a whole fish fried and coated in some spices, chicken curry and some green vegetables on the side (apologies for my lack of knowing the names of the dishes, but as I said, I did not order them). The fish dish was not great at all, the very little fish we could eat due to all the bones and the skin not being edible was not great. The chicken curry dish was nice. I did enjoy the vegetables though, very Vietnamese fried with garlic.


Mien Tay, like the rest of the places on Kingsland road, remains a great place where to get cheap and good Vietnamese food, which I enjoyed, but don’t think this place is that much better than the rest of the Vietnamese restaurants in London. 


Date: 14/09/12

Price per person (divided among 15 people): £22

Location: Shoreditch 

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Mien Tay
122 Kingsland Road E2 8DP
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