Oct 23 2013

Millésimes 62


One of my friends suggested Millésimes 62 restaurant for lunch, as it was convenient for us to meet there. Millesiumes 62 is located on a roundabout, on Place de Catalogne, close to the Montparnasse train station. It’s not quite a brasserie, it is more of a restaurant, and they serve French food with a strong influence from the South and Provence. The inside of the restaurant was pleasant, with a few different areas, dining room, bar and they also have a private room. We were seated in the dining room where you could find nice sofas, white tablecloths. Millésimes 62 was originally opened in 2005 but the current owners, Sandrine and Stéphane Savorgnan, took it over in 2007, and Sadrine has worked in hospitality and Stéphane is a chef that has worked in many restaurants, so together they know how to run a restaurant. The main chef at the moment however is David Ditte.

The menu was good with typical as well as seasonal dishes. The menu was only in French, there was no English menu, so my friend Nina translated the menu for me and my friend Alex, so we would know what to order. I chose a starter called “Mesclun de salade aux fruits secs et copeaux de Parmesan” which had green salad served with Parmesan shavings, as I fancied something light and green. It was supposed to come with dried fruits but as I thought that was too strange and I don’t really like dried fruits, so I asked for this to be removed. The salad was nice, good seasoning, but very plain, a salad of many different lettuces and Parmesan, but exactly what I wanted, nice and light. Nina and Alex both chose a starter of “Poêlée de champignons et girolles en persillade” which had fried mushrooms with parsley and it looked extremely appetizing and nice when it arrived. I also tasted it and liked it a lot, sort of plain, but mushrooms done well, none of your soggy mushrooms you get in hotels for breakfast, although they did lack a bit of salt, which you could add yourself (as Nina did).

I chose “Espadon au caramel de soja, niçoise” for my main course which was swordfish served with vegetable ratatouille. Despite the waiter asking me if I wanted the swordfish pink in the middle or fully cooked and myself saying that I wanted it pink, I got it fully cooked through with no pink bits. It was nevertheless nice and was not dry or overcooked and the vegetable ratatouille had a lovely little sauce added to it, which made it incredibly tasty and overall a great combination with the swordfish. Nina ordered salmon served with chicory and Alex chose “Suprême de dorade Royale au pesto, julienne de legumes”, Royal Bream (Dorada fish) with pesto and vegetables and both seemed to enjoy their dishes, food looked good. Also it was interesting how every fish course we ordered looked so different from one another. There was no cheating and sort of serving the fish with the same thing.

I had a nice little meal at Millesiumes 62. I learnt that when you say you want coffee in France they give you an espresso without milk, even though I would have fancied a white Americano, and besides that I enjoyed my meal. Everything was nice, it was not overly creative or interesting, it was just French food done well. I won’t be rushing back, but if someone suggests to go there, I will be up for it.

Date: 23/ 10/ 13
Location: Paris
Price for 3 people, no alcohol and I was bad and did not leave service charge as I paid with a card: EUR 101.30

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Millésimes 62
13 Place de Catalogne, 75014
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