Feb 26 2014



We had two days left in Japan and I still wanted to try two different cooking styles I had not yet tried – teppanyaki (meat/ fish/ vegetables fried by a chef in front of you on a hot surface) and shabu shabu (meat/ vegetables boiled in water). We were staying in Hiroshima and I asked our hotel concierge to recommend some teppanyaki restaurants as I had finally decided to have tepanyaki (not shabu shabu) and the concierge recommended Mimitei (and some other places).


Hiroshima is a relatively small city and getting to Mimitei was quick and easy in a taxi. When we arrived however they said that on Wednesdays (the day when we were there) this was the only day when they did not do teppanyaki in the restaurant. At first we were puzzled and thinking what other teppanyaki restaurants we can go to, but after they explained that on this day they only did shabu shabu, we decided this was fate and we had to try shabu shabu instead of teppanyaki. 


The waiter led us to an elevator and took us one floor up where all the seating was. People sat in separate rooms separated by a curtain so you could not see (only heart sometimes) the other diners, which made it more intimate but also you could not do people watching which I like. The menu featured shabu shabu, sukiyaki (which is similar to shabu shabu, just more sweeter apparently), steamed fish dishes, sashimi and some other Japanese dishes. 


We knew we had to have shabu shabu so we ordered this for one person with normal beef for 5000 YEN (you could also chose to have super premium beef for YEN 2000 more). We also ordered a “rockfish boiled and seasoned” as this seemed interesting and “simmered dish of Hiroshima beed and been curd”, as my hotel kept going on about Hiroshima beef and I had to see for myself whether it was different. To go with all this we also ordered “tea buckwheat noodles” in a broth. 


Our favourite dish from all of the ones we ordered was shabu shabu and if you do have a chance, do try it. First the lovely Japanese lady that was our waitress brought us a pot of boiling water and she turned it on and it was boiling in front of us. She also brought 2 plates, one with 5 long pieces of beef and one of vegetables. She also gave us small cups filled with sesame peanut type of sauce which was superbly delicious and in which you had to put all the cooked ingredients before you ate them. First she boiled the beef in the boiling water. The beef had a lot of fat on it, more than the beef you see in western countries (I have noticed that this is a general trend in Japan though, the beef is more fattening) and the lady asked us if we wanted it rare, medium or well done and we wanted it medium. It took about 5 seconds to cook the thin beef in the water and it was pure heaven on earth eating it. It was so so good, I have had very few better things in my trip to Japan. 


After the cooked the beef (not much only 5 slices and I got 2 as she gave more to the man) she started cooking the vegetables, thicker udon noodles and then thinner glass noodles. Every little thing that the lady put in my cup tasted amazing. The peanut sauce made all these things so delicious, I did not know boiled in water vegetables, noodles and beef with a sauce could be so good. After boiling and serving us the vegetables, mushrooms and tofu as well as the noodles, she added some flavours to the broth and served some of the broth to us as soup. Whatever she had added made the soup taste lovely. After the soup she gave us, she put some more spices in the broth, rice and egg and started cooking all this together. The result was the most delicious rice and egg dish in a bit of broth. So so good. I truly recommend shabu shabu to everyone. 


I think from all the dishes we ordered we were least impressed with the rockfish, even though it was very taste and standalone would be nice, but as we were having this amazing shabu shabu, I sort of wish we had ordered more beef instead of this fish. It had great flavours though. The Hiroshima beef was great on the other hand. I am just absolutely in love with this beef that comes from here, it was soft, amazing tasting, I wish I could just eat this beef for the rest of my life. It was served in a lovely sauce. The noodles were good but then again I really like buckwheat noodles so I knew I would like these.


The wonderful lady serving us also asked if we wanted some ice cream after our meal and my boyfriend opted for a vanilla ice cream and I got a green tea ice cream. The green tea one was delicious and such a nice way to end the meal. 


I truly recommend shabu shabu as one of the types of cuisine to have in Japan. I had the most amazing meal there and for my boyfriend it was one of his best meals in Japan. It was like a never ending meal, full of so many different delicious elements. 


Date: 26/ 02/ 14

Location: Hiroshima

Price for 2 people with alcohol: YEN 12,000 (around £70)

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4-9 Fujimi-cho Naka-ku
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