Nov 8 2012


you may know the cocktail Mimosa, which consists of champagne and a citrus based drink (usually orange juice) mixed together, but Mimosa is also a lovely restaurant in Rotterdam that serves French (with an international twist) food. The cool thing is that this place is run by 2 people (c0-owners), Mark and Aad, and how they manage to do it, is quite amazing, as one of them cooks the food and the other one is a waiter (note you may think having 1 waiter in a decent sized restaurant is punchy and even though we did have to wait quite a while to get a bottle of wine at one point, he did cope super well with everything else). The menu also changes every 6 weeks, which means these boys are properly busy.  When I arrived there with my friends Rob and Cornelis we each had one of their typical Mimosa cocktails (as all of us love cocktails) and Mark or Aad (not sure which one was the waiter and which one was the chef) suggested we have the set menu, which sounded great, so we decided to go for it. First they brought us a little amouce bouche (always great to get these free things, I like restaurants that give you things to “amuse the mouth”) of a cauliflower pure in the form of a large button decorated with a star (I forgot what it was made out of). The cauliflower puree was a bit tasteless and the boys should work on a better amouse bouche. As for our first course, it was a “crab tart” which included a cut crab mushed together with sauce served with quails egg and some wasabi sauce. I thought it was very nicely presented and also thought it was delicious, but the again I like seafood with that type of sauce (I am a big fan of prawn cocktail), so this kind of thing will always go down well with me. The wasabi sauce was not too wasabi, which I don’t know whether is a good or a bad thing, and I would have also preferred the quails eggs to be served warm (as opposed to cold), but overall a nice decent starter. Next came a fish (I can’t remember what fish it was unfortunately, but something cod like) served in a mussel broth with vegetables. I spend a lot of time trying to taste whether the broth actually tasted of mussels, and it did but very vaguely. The fish was nice as were the vegetables, and I did quite like this fish dish, and there are not that many that I like. As for the main course we had deer with vegetables. I love places that serve deer and I love deer meat, as it is such a nice and lean animal and the meat is delicious and you know they don’t grow them in farms (like they can do with chicken) and the deer has an active lifestyle in the forest before someone catches it and it ends up on our plate, and it was great quality meat here. The vegetables were also lovely, carrots and beans and other things, nothing strange but nice vegetables. The desert was a square pieces of chocolate mousse covered with pieces of chocolate served with this lovely caramel popcorn like thing and delicious sweet ice cream. It was too sweet for me, so I could not finish the whole thing, but what I had I really liked. And I loved the presentation of this dish and all the things that had been put into it, and from a creativity point of view, I thought this was probably the best dish out of the 4 we had. If you are ever in Rotterdam, I would definitely recommend to stop by, but beware this is not a quick lunch/ dinner restaurant due to the capacity issues the 2 lovely guys face.


Price for 3 with alcohol and service charge: EUR 257.85

Date: 08/ 11/ 12

Location: Rotterdam

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Pannekoekstraat 77 3011 LD
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