Sep 15 2012

Min Jiang


Min Jiang is one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in London and I have been there many times and you can see pictures of many of the dishes I have had on various occasions here.


Min Jiang is locates just by Hyde Park on High Street Kensington in the Royal Garden hotel, and as the restaurant is located on the 10th floor it offers you an amazing view of Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and London if you go there during the day. At night the restaurant sort of changes and the atmosphere is very different, as at night you can’t see anything outside and it becomes a more romantic dinner place. The design of the place is beautiful with red walls, white tablecloths, black chairs.


The highlight of any meal at Min Jiang has to be the duck, and they even call it “legendary wood-fired Beijing duck”, which apparently is “Prepared meticulously by Chefs from Beijing according to an ancient recipe”. They serve an amazing duck, one of the best, if not the best, in London and you can order either half (£32) or a full one (£58) and have it in two servings. Once you order it, one of the chefs will bring out and show you the duck and then carve it in front of you and put the meat on one plate and the skin on another. The skin you are supposed to dip in sugar and eat it, it feels so calorific that most people don’t manage more than 2 pieces of this. The duck meat you can warp in a traditional Chinese pancake and eat and they bring you the traditional things to have with the duck – cucumbers and shredded leeks as well as sweet sauce – but you can also have it with the what they call “modern additions” and Min Jiang have created their own garlic paste and radish and tientsin cabbage to go with the duck. You can also see in the pictures “Spicy minced Duck with a Lettuce wrap” that they chefs made with the rest of the duck we did not eat in pancakes during the second serving, which was delicious, and on other occasions I have also had “Fried Noodles with sliced Duck” and you can also have the duck with rice or in a soup. 


You can also see in the pictures other dishes that I have had, “Crispy fried Squid with Salt, Pepper, Dried Chilli and Garlic” which usually is excellent although during my last visit it was a bit too salty, but still great. I also love their “Min Jiang Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup”, and “Sichuan Chicken with Sesame, served warm”. A lot of Chinese restaurant serve this dish cold and served warm I think it is much nicer and it is delicious. Their steamed dim sum platter (you can have vegetarian or non-vegetarian) is also excellent and should be ordered if you go there during lunch.


For an excellent Chinese meal, I thoroughly recommend Min Jiang. And what makes it that extra special is the amazing view of Hyde Park. 


Date: 15/ 09/ 12

Location: Hyde Park Corner

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Min Jiang
Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, W8 4PT
United Kingdom
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