Feb 21 2012



Mishkin's is a recently opened "Jewish deli" in Covent Garden owned by the same people who own Polpo, Spuntino etc, and according to their website the dishes they serve are based very loosely on the sort of Jewish comfort food we all love eating. The food we ordered was nice (although I totally ordered the wrong things on the menu, and have been regretting it ever since and want to go back) - you go to this place to eat their cool hot dog or the salt beef + gherkin sandwich (I saw my neighbours eating both and they looked amazing). I ordered cod cheeks (this is like prawn popcorn from Nobu), meatballs, duck hash (with egg) and side dishes and all the food is very interesting (when you first look at the menu you can be slightly confused as I was about the different combinations they offer). Atmosphere here is great, buzzing and great place to catch up with friends or with a date. 

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25 Catherine Street, WC2B 5JS
United Kingdom
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