May 22 2012



Miyako is a Japanese restaurant located in the Andaz hotel. Andaz has a few restaurants, and this one is the smallest and the most casual one and accessed from a side street. Still however if you go there you get to see the beautiful Andaz hotel and use their bathrooms. 


The restaurant is very small, so you should book if you plan to go there, but because it is small it is also very cozy and you sit quite close to your neighbours. The tables are small and black and the décor overall is very typical Japanese. I went there for lunch with my friend Remy and they had a great selection of Japanese bento boxes to have for lunch, so both of us decided to get these. You could chose a bento box with either sushi, sashimi, tempura, chicken teriyaki, beef etc… Also I thought the bento boxes were cheaper here on average than in some other Japanese restaurants around the city.


Another thing that attracted my attention was that I thought the rest of the menu (sushi, sashimi and hot dishes etc) was smaller than in other restaurants and in Miyako all the dishes were written on one piece of paper whereas in other Japanese restaurants you have to go through many pages to see the whole menu. 


I chose a bento box that had a bit of everything, chicken teriyaki, some tempura as well as sushi that you can see in the pictures with a miso soup and I really enjoyed all the food. This is a nice little spot for lunch if you fancy some traditional Japanese food. 


Date: 22/ 05/ 12

Location: Liverpool Street

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Andaz Hotel, 40 Liverpool Street, EC2M 7QN
United Kingdom
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