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Miyama is a cute little Japanese restaurant. They have 2 branches, one in Mayfair and one in City, and I only have been to the City branch, but I have been there a few times. I first found out about Miyama because my friend Rob loves this restaurant and he suggested we go there for lunch. Miyama City branch is hidden on a little side street (Godliman Street) on the south side of St Paul’s and is not easy to come across, and you have to know where you are going. 


The City restaurant was established over 21 years ago and they have a Steak bar, Sushi bar, Teppanyaki bar, main restaurant and private dining rooms. I have sat at the main restaurant as well as at the sushi counter and really enjoyed it, especially the sushi bar, as you can watch the chefs cook and it is a nice cosy and intimate environment. 


The first time when I went to Miyama, I thought it was just ok as I thought their bento boxes were just good, but cost £26-30 which is towards the top end for what you pay for a bento box. I had a bento box with prawn tempura (which I thought was just ok), salmon roll, chicken terriyaki (which was vert nice) and some sushi. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of this. However the next few times I have been to Miyama, I have enjoyed it much more. You can see pictures of sushi I have had and the fish has always been extremely fish and delicious and the sushi made perfectly. Also the tempura that I have had on subsequent visits has been excellent.


If you fancy some sushi in the city (or west end), Miyama is a great Japanese restaurant.


Date: 04/ 10/ 12

Location: St Pauls 

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17 Godliman Street, City of London, EC4V 5BD
United Kingdom
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