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There are no 3 Michelin star restaurants and only one 2 Michelin star restaurant in Luxembourg, Mosconi (it was the first restaurant to receive a Michelin star in Benelux), and so when I was in Luxembourgh on a girly weekend with my 4 Latvian girlfriends we wanted to treat ourselves and go there for dinner. The owners of the restaurant are a couple Illario and Simonetta Mosconi with Illario being the main chef and they have worked together a long time and 26 years ago opened their first restaurant. They opened Mosconi in 2000 and their philosophy is to offer simple dishes with the best ingredients (90% of their ingredients come from Italy). Mosconi is located in a lovely house on the banks of the Alzette, and has a lovely terrace on which one can sip a glass of Champagne before a meal and admire the view (as long as the weather permits it).


The menu features a la carte menu, a tasting menu and a pasta tasting menu, which I would have loved to have and which I thought is super cool as I have not seen a special pasta tasting menu in any other restaurant, but on this occasion we decided to order a la carte menu as we had had a tasting menu the previous night and we did not feel like we could eat that much on 2 subsequent days.


None of us were very impressed with the service at Mosconi. When we were asked if we wanted any appetisers, I tried to order a Bloody Mary which they said they did not have, as “this is no America” according to the waiter and my friend Katrina tried to order a rum and coke and they did not have Coca Cola. I understand they are trying to be high class and Italian but I still don’t think that asking for a Bloody Mary is something extremely strange and that an expensive restaurant should not do (in the end they did bring me vodka and tomato juice). Also to not have Coca Cola is a bit strange. The service was also extremely slow and we only got our first course after 1.5 hours of being there. Also I have never had to wait so long anywhere for the menu to be given to us, for us to choose and for them to actually finally bring the food, which meant that for 2 and a half hours before I had had my main course I was felling extremely grumpy. The waiters also took extremely long time to give us the wine list (they seemed to only have a few wine lists in the whole restaurant and we had to wait a while for it to become free when other people were not looking at it), take the order for the wine and finally bring it and despite the fact we had chosen our wine and did not need a sommelier we had to wait for the sommelier to be free which took a long time and then to bring the wine was even more time. The person that we did like and though was good at service was a lady wearing first Laboutin shoes and then changing into Chanel flats who we suspected was Simonetta Mosconi (otherwise they pay their staff too much) and she was lovely and was asking where we were from.


Before our meal we were offered each 2 small snacks, one of them was a macaroon filled with chicken liver and white truffle cream, which was quite sweet but still good. We also got a small savoury type of biscuit. The bread they brought us was average, they had a selection of around 5 different types including nice crackers, and I especially liked the dish in which they put the olive oil and salt, very trendy and cute and nice touch. Our amuse bouche was a plate of 4 different things, a ravioli topped with cocoa, a cheese ball, a coconut mouse that almost evaporated when you put it in your mouth and a beetroot cake. I especially liked the first 2 small bites. As for our starter when we finally got it Lasma ordered a winter salad, which was impressive, very beautifully presented, and which she enjoyed, I ordered a selection of fish tastings, which embarrassingly and strangely I have forgotten to take a picture of (very bizarre as I have pictures of all the other food, just not mine!). It had lobster, salmon, tuna, prawns, cod and each piece of fish was in its own sauce. I thought some of these combinations were nice but a lot of them were very average, like salmon and lobster. Santa chose the foot of the pig with some cabbage on the side and she seemed to like it, and Agnese and Katrina chose fois gras in polenta.


As for the main course Santa ordered monkfish and she said it was good, but she thought the dish was too dry and absolutely needed sauce. Lasma chose a fish course and she said it was great, very delicious and she overall thought her food was excellent throughout the course of the meal. Katrina chose a pigeon and truffle pasta and she did not like it at all. She thought the food was very over salted up to the point she did not want to eat it. Agnese and I chose pasta with sardines, and I thought the pasta was excellent quality, super soft and you could tell it was homemade and made me think the pasta tasting menu they have is probably amazing, but the sardines made it very salty. I have tasted a few dishes with sardines which are very salty so it is quite common but it does make it very hard for you to eat the dish, and I thought this dish was more saltier than your average one.


But what all of us really liked and what Santa thought “saved the day” were the sweets and  the deserts at the end. At the beginning of the meal we were asked if we want any desert as half of the deserts due to the long time of cooking, you had to order at the beginning of the meal, and even thought Lasma was a bit tempted to order something, in the end none of us chose anything. Nevertheless they brought us so many little petite fours for free we felt like we had had a massive desert by the end of the meal. There were all sorts of little tasty treats and the thing that attracted the most comments were these small cakes filled with bitter, citrusy chocolate.


Overall all of us expected more from a 2 Michelin star evening. We were not that impressed with the service and the food had some absolutely impressive dishes and some average ones but we did have an enjoyable evening and we all loved the interior of the place, especially the reception desk that had beautiful long white tulips and candles.


Date: 16/03/13

Price for 5 people, including alcohol: EUR569 (we left 123x5 to include a tip)

Location: Luxembourg

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13 r. Münster, 2160
Luxembourg City
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