Mar 17 2013

Mudam Le Café

Mudam Café is located within the Mudam (Musée d’Art Moderne) museum in Luxembourg, which as the name very clearly states is the modern art museum in Luxembourg. I was there with my girlfriends and we wanted to see the exhibitions going on there at the time, and so also decided to get some brunch before the art tour.

Mudam Café was designed by the French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and when you enter the café it feels extremely spacious with very high ceilings and it is very light. We were sitting on one side of the dining room in comfortable chairs and sofas although you can also sit by large communal wooden tables in the middle of the room. I also very much liked the large trees that were in the Café, which made the place look very pleasant and calm. Also on Wednesdays there are live concerts free of charge in the Mudam Café.

Mudam Café serves your traditional brunch dishes like omlettes, croissants, but also more interesting local specialities. I chose one of these more exciting local specialities, which was “blanquette of quorn, leeks, mushrooms, rice and green salad” and blanquette is a dish in white creamy sauce, and all the other ingredients (quorn, leeks, mushrooms, rice) were in this white cream sauce. I did like the flavours of this dish, but it was very hard to eat all the sauce with very little rice (most of it was floating in a lot of cream) and I had finished all the rice very shortly and it just felt like a main course without the carbs to eat it with. I much rather liked the Luxembourgish specialty that one of the girls ordered which had the same white sauce with mushrooms and also had ham and potatoes and a pie to eat the white creamy sauce with.

You can also see a picture of an “Organic omelette with vegetables, potatoes and salad” as well as a “Mudam croq’, vegetables and green salad (browned croissant, cheese béchamel sauce, local ham)” and “riesling terrine, green salad” that the other girls ordered. The salads that went with all these dishes were small, quite simple but tasty.

I very much liked the atmosphere in the Mudam Café, that was great, but this is not a food destination, as I though the food was just ok.

Date: 17/03/13
Price for 5 people, no alcohol: I don’t know as Agnese was super sweet and paid and did not show us the bill
Location: Luxembourg

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Mudam Le Café
3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499
Luxembourg City
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