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Naga serves Oriental food with a strong influence from Vietnam and its neighbouring countries, and it is wonderful value for money restaurant (for example the black cod here is £19.5 when in E&O it is £36, in Zuma £28 and a massive £42 in Nobu) serving very delicious Oriental food. Naga is located just off High Street Kensington on a little side street.


Another very nice thing about Naga is how friendly and welcoming the place is, the managers and owners are happy to come around and talk to you and offer you different variations of the dishes they serve, and if you don’t want to, you don’t even have to order from the menu, just ask them to bring a selection of their specialities. The layout of the restaurant also feels very cosy with a bar located next to the entrance and then an upstairs and a downstairs area to eat, which is dimly lit with different shades of dark red and blue, so this can be a very romantic place. 


I went to Naga with my work colleagues for a little team building event after watching women’s volleyball semi-final in the Olympics and we ordered some Vietnamese spring rolls, pork and prawn Vietnamese crystal rolls, Bo La Lot (vine leaves stuffed with char grilled beef) and chilli salt prawns to start with. The spring rolls were excellent; they had less batter and seemed healthier than the ones you get in Chinese restaurants without losing the delicious flavour (and they were bigger). The crystal rolls were perfect as well stuffed with huge prawns and bursting with good ingredients. I have never had vine leaves stuffed with beef (I love vine leaves stuffed with rice but that is an altogether totally different dish) but I did like this dish, and the chilli prawns we had were absolutely delicious, top class, nothing to fault. 


After the starters we decided to go for an in-between course of some salad, and we had the pomelo salad and duck & watermelon salad (one of the chefs that used to work at E&O started working at Naga a few months ago and he added this dish to Naga’s menu and you may know that the duck and watermelon salad is one of the signature dishes at E&O). Both salads were delicious. 


For the main course we had the chicken with cashew nuts, five spice crispy duck, a beef dish as well as garlic French beans and baby pak choi with oyster sauce and we had all of this with the Naga special fried rice. One of my colleagues Jarek absolutely loved the rice and kept repeating how nice it was, and it was delicious and had a lot of  quality ingredients added to it (huge prawns, nice peas and pork), more than you get in other places. The French beans were nice although a tiny bit too salty for my liking. The chicken, beef and duck main courses were all great, the sauces complimentary and worked and once again I have to say you could feel the quality ingredients added in all of these dishes (which is not the case in a lot of other similarly priced Asian restaurants). 


We also had 2 deserts to share but as I was feeling super full from my meal I did not try any, but they looked good and you can see the pictures.


For delicious Vietnamese/ Asian food, full of good quality ingredients, go to Naga. The slightly romantic atmosphere and the delicious food create a great meal. 


Location: High Street Kensington 

Price for 4 including a lot of expensive wine (no service charge): £300

Date: 09/ 08/ 12

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