Dec 5 2012

Namli Kebap


I love Istanbul and I love Turkish food. Lately I have been thinking that if there was one type of food I could not live without and I would only like to survive on, it could easily be Turkish food. But having said that I am finding it really hard lately to differentiate between the different Turkish kebab restaurants, as they are all amazing, but serve exactly the same food. Namli kebap is like that. The food is great, I really enjoyed it (and as per usual with Turkish food consumed enough food for 3 people), but it is the same as in so many other great kebab restaurants. Namli kebap was opened in 1972 and they currently have 2 branches. When we arrived to Namli kebap as we only had 20 minutes for lunch the food was already waiting for us, and we had a mixed kebab selection with different types of meet – lamp pieces, chicken, shish kebab with tomatoes, the green pepers and also the typical Turkish flat bread. We also had a tomato salad with herbs, spices and walnuts, and even this I have had, last time I had this salad was in Bridge restaurant in Istanbul and I have to admit it was better there as it was much tastier and a portion 3x the size of the one in Namli kebap I totally devoured. We also had some cheese and a dip with bacom (and one without) to go without our food, which was very good. Also my friend Matthew that was also there for lunch is a vegetarian and Namli kebap was able to accommodate him, and gave him a tomato soup and they also had a mezze selection corner where Matthew was able to select a lot of vegetarian things. I love this place, loved the food, but for me it scores lover than some of the other places (Ulus 29, Bridge) as it does not have that amazing view of the Bosphorus or any other special attraction, and the food is not like in Kosebasi where it makes up for the lack of view, but nevertheless, a very nice place for food.

Date: 05/12/12
Location: Istanbul

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Namli Kebap
Nispetiye Cad Gonca Sok No:3 Levent
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