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Natural Kitchen


Natural Kitchen oozes healthiness. Natural Kitchen is a restaurant, café and a delicatessen and artisan food store. The restaurant has three branches, one in Marylebone, one in the city and one by Tower Hill. I have only been to the Marylebone branch and when you walk in you see delicious raw meat and fish, various healthy salads, quiches, soups, pies and sandwiches and various other expensive looking food things. You can actually buy any of their ready meals and salads, a lot of it super healthy, and have it there in the shop, they have tables around the place. You can also go upstairs and have breakfast, brunch and lunch in their restaurant, where the dishes are prepared according to a la carte, using the same healthy concept.

My boyfriend is all healthy these days and he likes this place and he had been here before and so dragged me and my friend Katrina here for brunch on a Sunday. We got here at 12pm and it was packed and we had to wait a bit for a table. The restaurant upstairs serves food with the same concept as the food store – they serve the best ingredients, seasonal, organic, free range and where possible locally sourced from farmers food. The restaurant area is a bit cramped, very small, but it is buzzing and feels nice and welcoming.

The menu features dishes under “breakfast”, section which has porridge, granola, yoghurt and fruit (which you can have if you come here before 11am), “artisan pastries” section, toasted croissants section and also a “brunch” section which has more substantial dishes and served all day. And if you come here after 11am you get offered their salads or rustic artisan sandwiches and you can also “build your own lunch” which means choosing either chicken, fish, quiche and other things and mixing it with their delicious salads (they have a wide range of things to mix together). 

The dish that I thought looked unbelievably healthy and that my friend Katrina ordered was “Eggs Florentine with Fresh baby spinach leaves, poached free range eggs, hollandaise & Toast”. The toast was white bread, so that part was not the healthy bit, but the plate she got was covered in fresh spinach leaves and topped with eggs, I thought this was a creative way of serving this dish as usually the spinach is cooked in eggs Florentine. I ordered another egg dish, “Eggs royal with Scottish smoked salmon, poached free range eggs, hollandaise & toast”. Did not like the white bread toast, but the rest of the dish was perfectly executed, eggs soft and poached just right, salmon fresh and healthy, enjoyed it. My boyfriend chose one of the more substantial salads “Cold Roast Beef Salad, Roast new potatoes, fresh beetroot, rocket watercress, cherry tomatoes with a horseradish mayonnaise”, and there was so much green and healthy stuff on the plate and he loved it being into healthy food these days. Katrina also ordered “Baked Goats cheese on crostini with fresh beetroot, green beans, spinach, rocket & walnuts and mango dressing” and once again got loads of greens and healthy things on the plate. They also do great smoothies at this place, and I ordered the vitamin boost which had apple, orange and ginger, and Katrina ordered “re-charge” with apple, carrot, orange and ginger.

For a very healthy and leafy brunch come to Natural Kitchen. Whatever you order, your plate will be covered in healthy vegetables and leaves and you will feel so much healthier and better after a meal here. The only thing I did not like was the white toast, and whilst being healthy the menu for me lacked a bit of creativity (apart from the spinach bit) as it did not have dished that made me overly excited.

Date: 02/ 02/ 14
Location: Marylebone
Price for 3 people, no alcohol: £72.56

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Natural Kitchen
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