Sep 26 2012

New Street Grill

New Street Grill is owned by the D&D group, which is a monster entity when it comes to restaurants. D&D stands for Des and David, 2 men who led the buyout of Conran Restaurants in September 2006, and ever since have opened new restaurants and now have 23 restaurants in London, as well as restaurants in Japan, Paris, New York and Denmark. I have looked at all the restaurants they own, and I have been to Almeida, Coq d’Argent, Floridita, Paternoster Chop House and Plateau and I have some bad memories associated with quite a few of these places (for example I went to Floridita for my 22nd birthday and was rushed out of my table in 1 hour which ended up with me getting drunk and crying as they had mistreated me so much). But despite the fact I have not really enjoyed any of these restaurants, I was willing to give their new venture New Street Grill a chance. 


New Street Grill is located near Liverpool Street Station on a small side street, called New Street, and besides the steak restaurant New Street Grill there is also a wine shop located next door, “New Street Wine Shop” as well as a bar, “Old Benghal Bar” and another restaurant that the D&D group owns specialising in fish, “Fish Market” (MMm). New Street Grill says they are a modern British grill place, and I have to say it is very similar in terms of the atmosphere and menu to Goodman Steak Restaurant and Hawksmoore (although not as good as these 2 places) and to Bread Street Kitchen and Barbecoa, and all these places have identified that city men love steak and so have opened up restaurants in the city serving steak. 


I went to New Street grill with Hugo and John and as a starter I had the “Chicken broth with carrots and leeks”, which was a less tasty version of the chicken soup I had as a child, and John had the “London cured smoked salmon classic with garnishes” which looked very nice and Hugo had the “Native lobster cocktail with crisp lettuce and shellfish sauce”. They both seemed to enjoy it and finished their starters. 


For the main course we all had some steak, as you just have to have it in a steak restaurant, and New Street Grill serves Devon Black Angus Beef, which is grass fed and dry aged for a minimum of 28 days. Note Hawksmoore also serves British beef, and I have noticed that it is usually cheaper than the imported one and a 300g steak fillet costs £32 in Hawksmoore and £29.50 in New Street Grill, so if you like me find it hard to tell the difference between various steaks, remember that New Street Grill is 8% cheaper. Both John and Hugo had these 300g fillets of steak and I decided to have the cheaper (but in my mind tastier as it is fattier) 300g Rump steak. My steak was nice, but as I said I can’t really tell the difference between different steaks. To go with the meat we had the “Triple cooked chips”, “roast beets, carrots & celeriac” and “Leaf spinach and heritage tomato salad with shallots, olive oil dressing”. The sides were nice, I especially enjoyed the roast beets and also I liked how they had used different colour tomatoes in the heritage tomato salad. 


My rating for New Street Grill is lower than my rating for Hawksmoore and Goodman as I just think the latter 2 places have more of an edge (although different in each) than New Street Grill, and even though the food is quite comparable it just lacks that interesting factor at New Street Grill. I think the starters and the sides are just more interesting in Hawksmoore and Goodman than in New Street Grill. 


Date: 26/09/12

Price for 3 people, no alcohol, including service charge:  £178.76

Location: Liverpool Street

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New Street Grill
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