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This ramen noodle place is one of the reasons why I love Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. A few years ago my friend William recommended that on my way home to London when I am in Schiphol airport I should try this ramen noodle place called “noodles”, and ever since every time I am in Schiphol airport I go there (I once almost missed a flight as I had to stop at the noodle place before my flight). The place is like a hut, it is not a restaurant, but just literally a hut serving noodles, with little models of different noodle soups you can order at the front behind a glass window so you can see and chose, which is great, as you always know what you are going to get. London has had a recent “noodle craze” with a lot of noodle restaurants opening up, but this place has been there for years. The Noodles are not created from broths that are marinated for days and the broths are not (I assume) topped with eggs that have been marinated for a fortnight like the ones in Tonkotsu, but it serves wonderful delicious noodles. You can chose miso or soy based ramen and you can chose it to be topped with prawns, salmon, minced beef, pork, vegetables or spicy Korean pickles, kimchi, which is the ramen that I usually have, and the broth is flavorsome, the noodles delicious and the kimchi is always great. Also there is none of that nonsesnse no booking policy and none of the “you have to wait in the queue for a table” thing and you go there, order your noodles and they make them for you in less than 10 minutes and you are soon slurping delicious broth. If you like ramen, a wonderful place to stop by in Schiphol airport.


Price for a bowl of noodles: EUR 13

Location: Schiphol airport

Date: 09/11/12

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Schiphol airport 1118 CP
Noodles Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 2.5