Jul 25 2012


Many people love Ottolenghi delis and as you can’t book a table there I guess the Israeli born chef Yotam Ottolenghi was always under pressure to open a restaurant that would offer the chance to book a table and have the amazing Ottolenghi type of food in a more classy environment. Mr Ottolenghi opened Nopi in Soho last year to address this and Nopi serves small dishes to share with “robust, sunny flavours, typically from the Middle-east and Asia”. The menu is great, as it offers 4 small dishes (olive size dishes), 4 main courses and then a wide range of tapas/ starter size dishes that you are meant to share, 8 vegetable tapas, 4 fish tapas and 4 meat tapas that each cost £10 on average.  The number of delicious vegetarian dishes on the menu means means that if you are a vegetarian you will have an amazing and very varied meal in Nopi. 


To start the meal, my friend A and I shared a small dish of “Lavosh crackers, smoked aubergine puree” which was delicious, the crackers were full of seeds and the aubergine puree seemed very fresh and nice. We decided not to go for the bigger main courses and decided to share 6 dishes from the starter/ tapas menu, 2 vegetarian ones, “Sweet potato, figs, spring onion, chilli, balsamic reduction, goats cheese” and “Fried courgette flower, ricotta, schneeflöckli, date molasses”, 2 fish dishes, “Seared organic prawns, black pepper caramel, pickled cucumbers, goma konbu” and “Norwegian cod, corn puree, cured sausage, king oyster mushroom, tarragon” and finally 2 meat dishes, “Twice-cooked baby chicken, lemon myrtle salt, chilli sauce” and “Presa iberica, peanut mango acar, pickled pomelo”. 


I really liked the courgette flower dish, the courgette flowers were much better than the ones in Salt Yard or Opera Tavern that I had had (maybe because I just thought they taste nicer without honey which Salt Yard and Opera Tavern add to the dish). As for the sweet potato dish, I am not a huge fan of sweet potato but I did think that the goats cheese and balsamic reduction that accompanied it made it very very nice to eat. The prawns were a bit of a disappointment, I paid £12 for 4 prawns, so a massive £3/prawn and they were not that amazing and I could not really taste any of the things that accompanied the prawns. The Norwegian cod was nice, but here once again I could not really taste all the accompanying features, I could see and taste the corn puree with tiny pieces of corn, but not sure I could really taste the “cured sausage, king oyster mushroom, tarragon”. The chicken was served on the bone and was ok, the chilli sauce that accompanied it was nice but quite salty, and the pork was also nice, but not the best pork I have had. For the desert we had the “Strawberry mess, strawberry sorbet, meringue, sumac, rose syrup” which seemed to be a variation of the Eaton mess desert and was good.  


So overall love the concept of serving this type of food, and I am a huge fan of Yotam Ottolenghi and have his cookbooks but at Nopi some of the things here were delicious, but some were not as great as you would hope. 


Price for 2 including 1 bottle of wine and service charge: £168

Date: 25/07/12

Location: Soho

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21-22 Warwick Street, W1B 5NE
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