Jul 15 2014

Notting Hill Kitchen


Somehow my boyfriend manages to get emails with great deals in restaurants, ie 50% off or cheaper set menus, etc and one day he got an offer to eat at the Notting Hill Kitchen with 50% off our food bill. I have been wanting to come here for a while as I know one of my friends Ludwig actually invested in this restaurant and therefore I know quite a few friends that have been here.

Notting Hill Kitchen is now a year old and is located in Notting Hill (surprise, surprise!). The main chef is Luis Baena who cooks Iberian Peninsula/ International. The restaurant is very big and we came here on a Tuesday evening and it had quite a few people having dinner here but because the restaurant is so big, it did not feel like it was busy. I very much liked the bar at the entrance to the restaurant, it seemed very modern and hip. The dining room is a bit more formal but not too formal.

At first the waiters brought us some bread, olive oil and salt and I always like these things before my meal. The menu had starters and main courses divided into “land” and “sea”. I chose the “Catch of the day ceviche” as my starter that had Peruvian aji Amarillo (the pepper that makes everything yellow), fennel, corn, tomato, coriander and lime and I thought this was a very poor ceviche, I did not like it at all. The taste was not there and it had unnecessary weird vegetables as garnish on the plate. My boyfriend ordered “toasted sourdough, pata negra jamon, bone marrow, cured papada, truffled yolk”  starter and the portion was so small I have no idea where they put all these ingredients they describe on the menu. The taste was nice, much better than my starter but the portion was small and my boyfriend was complaining.

I chose a main course from the “sea” section “Berlengas pink swordfish, hot smoked in Azores black tea & pan seared, creamed carolino rice”. I actually found this course extremely delicious, I loved the swordfish, it was delicious, as were the green coloured rice. My boyfriend did not like his main course, another dish from the “sea” section, “Monkfish Namban” or monkfish and vegetable tempura, rice galette. The main reason though why he did not like it is because he does not like tempura and had misread the menu and did not see it had tempura. I thought it was an ok course, not as good as my one. We also ordered a side dish of vegetable salad with nuts and I was not too keen on it, the portion was big and looked appealing but the taste was not great, the dressing was not nice. I also usually do like nuts in dishes but here something was wrong.

Our bill came to £100, which I think is way too much for a meal like this, and we only had 1 glass of wine. At first they brought us the £100 bill and we had to tell them we were here as part of the offer and only then did they apply the 50% off food and gave us another bill of £58.22.

Date: 15/ 07/ 14
Price for 2 people, some alcohol and service charge: £58.22
Location: as the name would suggest - Notting Hill

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Notting Hill Kitchen
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