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Noura is a Lebanese restaurants with 3 branches in London – in Belgravia, Knightsbridge and Mayfair – catering for the wealthy Lebanese in London, as you won’t find Noura on Edgware road. I went to their Belgravia restaurant, which was Noura’s first restaurant in London. The restaurant is big, but sleek and corporate, with white tablecloths and most of the clientele in suits, so it is different from the more casual Edgware road Lebanese restaurants, but serves very similar food. The menu is long and features cold mezze, hot mezze and main courses, and you can find all the Lebanese dishes you expect to see in a Lebanese restaurant on this menu.

You can either order a la carte or take advantage of various set lunches Noura offers (I came here for lunch) ranging from £16.50 to £45 per person. I went for their “today’s lunch” set menu for £22.50, which is available daily (except Sunday) from 11.30 am to 6.30 pm and which gives you a platter of 5 mezzes (Hoummos, Moutabbal, Tabbouleh, Vine Leaves, Falafel) to start with and then either their dish of the day or mixed grill (Kafta and Taouk) as the main course, as well as coffee and baklava as dessert. I thought it was very good value for money, and actually all 3 of us having lunch went for this option.

The mezze plate was quite big with decent sized portions of each type of mezze, which were fresh and delicious. I love Lebanese food, so I really enjoyed it. Most of the things were just like you would have in other Lebanese restaurants, apart from the falafel, which I thought was better and less oily and more tasty with better ingredients. I also thought maybe the vine leave was slightly more tasty. Overall great mezze platter. As my main course I chose the mixed grill, one of my lunch buddies went for their dish of the day which was a lamb stew with peas and carrots, served with rice and another lunch buddy asked to get some lamb, and was accommodated. Mixed grill included chicken and minced kebab and both things were delicious, served with their garlic sauce. The mixed grill was definitely less oily than the takeaway mixed grill I like to order late at night, but I can’t see what the difference was between the Noura one and the ones I get in Edgware road Lebanese restaurants. The other dishes also looked good, and I especially liked the look and idea of the dish of the day, as I rarely order and see these sort of Lebanese stews.

Baklava and coffee were a nice finish to our meal, they gave us a small plate of different baklava. For me the reason why you would go to Noura is slightly better ingredients, more upscale atmosphere and slightly less oily food, but as I have said already, there is not that much difference I can see between this and other Lebanese restaurants. It is quite puzzling how the food served at various Lebanese restaurants in London is so similar. My Lebanese friend Lea though thinks Noura is less commercial than some of the other Lebanese restaurants in London, like Maroush, with which I agree. Having said that I had a wonderful lunch that was not too expensive and let me sample a wide range of things.

Date: 23/ 03/ 15
Location: Belgravia
Price for 3 people: was around £80

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