Jan 29 2013

Nusr-et Steak House


My colleagues booked a steak restaurant for dinner when I was in Turkey and I was a bit skeptical at first as when I visit Turkey I usually prefer to eat traditional Turkish food, which mainly means lamb, and I can eat steak anywhere else in the world, but due to my curiosity to try out new places I did go there, and I am so happy I did, as this is now my 2nd favourite steak restaurant in the world (after Prime One Twelve in Miami). Nusr-Et Steakhouse was established in 2010 by Nusret Gökçe and Mithat Erdem and in 2012 Nusr-Et Steakhouse went into a partnership with D.ream (Doğuş Restaurant Entertainment and Management) a subsidiary company of Doğuş Group. When we arrived at the restaurant at 8pm it was buzzing, full, loud and there was not an empty table in sight, and I particularly loved the huge cuts of meat behind a glass door, behind the reception table and also how to get into the restaurant you walked past a kitchen that was located in one corner of the room and you could see all the different cuts of meat lined up. We had booked a table for 7.30 and we had to wait 10 minutes to be seated as it was so full. The restaurant is quite large with 2 floors and also an outside space where you can eat your steak under heaters but I preferred to eat inside. The atmosphere inside the place was amazing with waiters running past you with large wooden boards full of different cuts of steak and people were chatting and having a great time. There is not much decoration and the interior is very casual, and you feel like you go there for the amazing steak. My colleague Cem ordered all the food for us to share and first he ordered some smoked beef which was served with cheese and green leaves as well as a goats cheese salad. The beef was very interesting and I love beef Carpaccio and this was a smoked version which had so much flavour and I really enjoyed it. The goats cheese salad had lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and also pomegranate seeds and corn, besides the goats cheese and whilst it was not my favourite salad because I prefer the salads in kebab restaurants, it was ok and a nice addition and balance to the meat we were eating. Altogether we had 4 types of beef that were served one after another on wooden boards and put in the middle for us to share. And I loved how easy it was to share different steaks, as that is a problem I have seen in other steak restaurants where they bring great steak but you can’t really share it among the table. All the steak was absolutely incredible and first we got “Lokum fillet” and lokum means Turkish delight, and it was seared beef with raw middle, extremely tender and delicious. Next came the “Tenderloin strips” which they called spaghetti because of how thin the beef was (not quite as thin as spaghetti but that does not matter), lovely and tender once again. I only very rarely get super excited about steak, even though I appreciate Goodman and Hawksmoore, I don’t get that excited when I go there, but this place just had much more delicious steak, and this type of steak I absolutely love and can appreciate. The sliced beef (shashlik) followed and it was served with onions and was lovely. The last thing which we ordered and which I liked the most and which a lot of tables had and which seemed to be like one of their signature dishes was the rack of lamb  (kafes in Turkish, which means ‘cage’), and the waiter brought a huge rack of lamb and cut it in front of us and you had to eat the piece of lamb holding it by the long bone. If you like meat this place is pure heaven. Also another thing that I loved about this place and which made eating steak so much more enjoyable for me were the spices. On the table there were different small pots of spices, cumin, chilli, oregano, salt and pepper and you could mix it all together, put it on your plate and dip the meat into this. I loved doing it, and I have never really used uncooked spices like this and used as a dip and as I said I loved it and will be repeating this at home with steak. To go with all this meat we also had delicious and full of herbs fries and they were so good it was hard for us to stop eating them and my colleague Cem was saying how when the Turkish office orders from Nusr-et they ask for a special large plate of chips. We were feeling extremely full after all this high quality and delicious meat, but we did order havuc dilimi, carrot shaped baklava with ice cream, which was as good as a top bakalava should be. Ever since this visit I have been telling people about this place and I think if you like beef you must go there. This place made me love and go totally crazy about steak.

Date: 29/01/13
Location: Istanbul

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Nusr-et Steak House
Nispetiye Caddesi No:87 Etiler-Beşiktaş
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