Jun 25 2013


I was visiting my mum in Munich and we went for a quick lunch to Ocui. I have been to Ocui a few times now and it always delivers a consistent good meal. Located in the centre of Munich, it calls itself an open cuisine and once you enter you are given a card which you give to various food stations that you visit throughout your meal, and where they upload the price and then pay for everything you have had at the end when you leave. The dining room is large with tables of various sizes and shapes scattered around the room, so you can find the right seat for you, and in the middle there  are various food stations. There is a station for pizzas and antipasti where you can go and order your pizza (made to order) or other type of Italian starters and then wait until they are ready (you get a buzzer which starts buzzing when your dish is ready), and when you order each you give your Ocui card and the station puts in the price of the dish inside the card. There is also a station for freshly made pastas, where you can chose which type of pasta you want as well as which type of sauce to go with it, and Asian section where you can chose from a variety of noodle and rice based dishes as well as a salad section.

The quality of the dishes is excellent, most of the things are made fresh in front of you, and it does not cost that much. We ordered a pizza “rustica” which was one of the most expensive pizzas there for EUR9.70 (pizzas range from EUR6 to EUR9.70), but still not expensive in relative terms, as well as a “vitello tonnato” starter for EUR9, which had meat with a tuna sauce. The vitello tonnato was tasty and they gave you a huge portion, and I have paid much more for it and got much less in other restaurants. The pizza was great value for money. It was thin and tasty and cost less than a pizza express pizza (which I love), and was equally good. We also shared a mixed salad and I could choose what type of dressing to have with it, and chose the lemon and ginger one and it was delicious.

In the end we paid EUR29 and got three different dishes, all very good and tasty and I had one of the best value for money lunches in a long time. I also very much like the atmosphere in Ocui, it is buzzing, but most of all I like how fresh all the dishes and ingredients look. Very good value for money casual lunch restaurant.

Date: 25/06/13
Location: Munich
Price for 2 people for food, no alcohol and no service charge: EUR 29.20

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Oberanger 31-33, 80331
Ocui Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 3.5