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Olivo is a Sardinian/ Italian restaurant in Victoria. It is the sister restaurant to Olivomare (the fish focused Sardinian restaurant), Olivocarne (the meat focused sister restaurant and Oliveto (pizza). Olivo has a more casual atmosphere than Olivomare or Olivocarne, walls are painted in yellow and blue with traditional elements and it feels casual when you are there, whilst Olivocarne and Olivomare feel more formal.

The menu features meat, fish and pasta dishes and for lunch you can order 2 courses for £24.50 and 3 courses for £29 and we only wanted to have 2 courses. We came here for lunch on a Tuesday and the restaurant slowly filled up and was almost full.  I ordered a starter of “Sardine alla griglia” or chargrilled fresh sardines with a thyme and rosemary crust and I got 3 big sardines to eat. They were delicious and good quality although it did take time to eat them and to get all the fish bones out. My friend Olga ordered one of their specials for that day, a cold tomato soup which she thought was ok.

For my main course I went for one of their specials, salt crust baked sea bream, and it was soft and flavoursome just like salt baked fish should be and in general just the right size of a portion. Olga ordered Sardinian pasta shells sautéed with homemade sausage and tomato and she sort of liked it but was not too convinced (my other lunch buddy had this in a starter portion as a starter). All their pastas you could also have with gluten free spaghetti or penne. Our other lunch buddy then for the main course ordered “Fegato di Vitello alla Griglia” or chargrilled calves liver served with rocket. I also ordered a side of tomato and basil salad which was good.

I had a very enjoyable meal at Olivo, but I prefer Olivomare and Olivocarne as I think when you focus on either meat or fish you can make the dishes more creative and there are some interesting dishes there. Also in general I have enjoyed my meals a bit more in these other restaurants. Having said this Olivo is the most casual restaurant so if you like this sort of thing then Olivo is for you.

Date: 14/ 07/ 14
Price for 3 people with some alcohol and service charge:
Location: Victoria

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