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Olivocarne is the 4th and most recent restaurant opened by the Olivio group, that serves Italian (with a special focus on Sicily) food in all their restaurants (Olivomare (seafood), Oliveto (pizza), Olivo (traditional)). All the Olivio group’s restaurants are located within walking distance of each other on or next to Ebury street in Victoria. I have already reviewed Olivomare (MMMm) and as I quite liked it, I wanted to go and try Olivocarne.

Olivocarne as the name suggests focuses on meat. I went to Olivocarne for lunch on a Thursday and when we arrived at 12 it was absolutely empty, which I thought was not a great sign, but it did fill up somewhat and when we left there were around 7 occupied tables. Just like in Olivomarne, Olivocarne is divided into separate dining areas so it can feel quite intimate depending on the location where you are sitting. As we were the first people there we did get a lot of attention from the waiters at the beginning who were great at explaining the menu. The décor in the room is quite interesting, the walls are white and there are black paintings, sort of cartoons, depicting elaborate Sardinian folk stories on the walls.

I absolutely loved the menu in the restaurant. As I said Olivocarne focuses on contemporary classic meat dishes, and on the menu you can see dishes featuring suckling pig, game, pigs trotter, venison, calves liver, duck, wild boar, chargrilled steak, so many different Italian dishes using meat ingredients that I have not seen anywhere else in any other restaurant. All Italian restaurants obviously have meat dishes on their menu, but it is such a breath of fresh air to look at the menu and be a bit amazed with the creations and choice you see there, which is one of the reasons why I actually liked this place more than Olivomare, which seems a bit more ordinary.

The bread and olive selection they brought us was ok, nothing special but good. As for the starter I chose “Indivia rossa con cacipfi” red endive and artichoke salad with parmesan and truffle oil, which was absolutely amazing, so tasty and interesting. The artichokes and endives were uncooked and thinly cut and just divine with the truffle oil, I would love to come back just for this salad. My lunch buddy Ian had the Leek and potato soup with a touch of thyme, and he thought it was very good and one of the best soups of this kind he has had.

I chose the “Malloreddus Sardi” for my main course which had pasta shells sautéed with homemade sausage and tomato sauce and which I enjoyed very much as well. I loved the pasta shells as I had not really seen this type of pasta used before in dishes, and it was cooked slightly al dente but not too much, so quite perfect. The sausage and tomato sauce was full of flavor. I was slightly less impressed with Ian’s main course “Straccetti al Ragu di Cinghiale” which means fresh pasta sheets with wild boar ragu, because I thought the flavor was extremely strong and a tiny bit overpowering and just a bit different to other wild boar ragus I have had. But they did give you a lot of wild boar and once again I loved the creativity of the pasta they used, and I once again had not seen these sort of pasta sheets anywhere else. As for the sides we chose the “deep fried courgettes” and also “sautéed chilli broccoli” although in the end they forgot to bring us the broccoli, and we only got the courgettes. The courgettes were tasty, one of my favourite guilty pleasures to eat, although with slightly too much batter for my liking. And the icing on the cake from my trip to Olivocarne was that I saw a celebrity!! Towards the end of our meal Andrew Lloyd Weber arrived and was siting a few tables away. I so rarely see famous people in London, I get super excited when I do.

I very much enjoyed my lunch in Olivocarne, because it just felt different to your average Italian restaurant due to the creative meat menu. Also it was not as expensive as other Italian restaurants that serve similar food can be.

Price for 2 people, no alcohol, including service charge: £77.29
Date: 11/04/13
Location: Victoria

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