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Olivomare is one of Olivo’s restaurants. Olivo restaurants offer Italian/ Sardinian dishes and are all located on the same street (Ebury street) or close by, walking distance from Victoria Station and each of them has a certain edge to it, one of them specialises in pizzas (Oliveto), one of them is a traditional Italian restaurant (Olivo), one of them specialises in meat dishes (Olivocarne, which I have also reviewed) and as the name Olivomare suggests this Olivo restaurant specialises in seafood. 


I went to Olivomare on a very sunny day with my friends and had a lovely seafood Italian meal. The décor in Olivomare is quite plain, and it does feel like it lacks a bit of atmosphere, the tablecloths are white; the walls are white so it does feel a bit sterile. All of us decided to order the same starter, the special of the day, tuna tartar, which was delicious and served with huge chunks of tuna. For the main course I decided to go for the mini portion of ravioli with prawns and it was very nice. I have never before had ravioli filled with prawns, and you could really feel the prawn inside the ravioli, it was big and delicious, and the actual piece of pasta of the ravioli was very delicious as well. My friend Michelle went for the “Linguine al Granchio” which was linguine with fresh sautéed crab meat, garlic, chilli and parsley, my friend Ian ordered the “Cassola di Pesca” which was Sardinian stew of fresh fish and shellfish with tomato chilli and garlic, and even though I did not try either of these dishes, both looked wonderful. My friend Toby ate the “Spaghetti all’astice” which is spaghetti with half a fresh lobster and tomato, chilli and garlic and here I do have to say that the spaghetti lobster in Scalini does look better as they have a better presentation of this dish and also serve you more lobster, but Toby seemed to enjoy it and he has never been to Scalini. 


Overall a solid place to go for Italian seafood, which will be very tasty and great quality, but it does lack the extra special wow factor in terms of the ambience, like the kind created in a small cosy restaurant which is run by chatty Italians that are keen to speak to you with their cute accent.


Date: 31/08/12

Location: Victoria 

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10 Lower Belgrave Street, SW1W 0LJ
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