Aug 24 2014


On our last night in Mykonos, Greece, I was craving some souvlaki, which I managed to find in the cheap and cheerful restaurant called Jimmy’s place (see the review in my blog). However my boyfriend seeing the place and the food refused to eat souvlaki at Jimmy’s place and wanted to find another restaurant where to have dinner. After wondering for a while around the narrow streets of the old town of Mykonos, which are full of buzz and shops, we found Olla, where he decided to have dinner.

Olla is a small small restaurant and coffee shop serving traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes (although to me it felt like more Mediterranean and less of the what I find traditional Greek dishes). Olla is very welcoming and in that sort of way does stand out from the other neighbouring restaurants. It has a nice décor, nice hanging (apparently handmade) pendant lamps, which you can see in the pictures. When we came here they also had a stand with fresh fish and you could choose which ones to have and they would cook them for you. My boyfriend decided to get 2 mackerel fish that were lying there on ice, but before ordering them he asked how much they would be. We had had some expensive fish in Mykonos, so were surprised to hear that the 2 Mackerel fish were only around EUR20. The fish came nicely cooked, grilled with a vegetable salsa and sauce.

Boyfriend also decided to order a salad to have with his fish and he ordered a grilled Mediterranean vegetable salad with grilled halloumi cheese. I loved the halloumi cheese and the grilled vegetables and the sesame seeds that topped the salad and how the portion was large, but I was not too keen on the dressing. The dressing seemed too sweet for me, so I could not eat too much of this.

The service at Olla was not great, some of the waitresses seemed a bit dis-interested and they were surprised when we asked how much the fish cost before our meal. It just did not feel great overall. However the prices were good for Mykonos, and apart from the EUR3 souvlaki, this was the 2nd cheapest meal we had in Mykonos. Olla is a nice mid-range place in Mykonos to have a meal.

Date: 24/ 08/ 14
Price for 2 people, no alcohol: I can’t remember
Location: Mykonos

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Mitropoleos, Mykonos Town
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