Aug 30 2013

Omar Khayyam


My guide book had recommended this place saying Omar Khayyam serves Indian and Vietnamese food and I thought they meant fusion food, which made me very interested, as I had not heard of this combination before, and so was keen to go. We had problems finding this place as it was located a bit further away from the main road and when we were walking there we thought some of the streets we passed were a bit dodgy.


When we finally arrived and sat down in the brightly painted (in green, yellow and red) dining room, we were sad to discover that this was mainly an Indian restaurant with 1 page in the menu dedicated to some Vietnamese dishes, so this was no fusion restaurant. As we were craving a break from Vietnamese food, we actually thought it was ok to have an Indian meal for a change, so we stayed here, as also it was quite late and we were tired and did not want to go back through the dodgy streets trying to find something else. 


We decided to get some poppadums to start with, and then order a chicken vindalloo curry and some tandoori chicken, which had been marinated in spices before cooked in the tandoori oven. The poppadums were super small, although ok taste wise. The food when it arrived tasted ok, the curry tasted quite similar to the Indian curries we had in London, although not that spicy and I found it quite funny that I ordered a vindalloo especially because it was spicy but the waitress asked if I wanted it spicy and was prepared to make it mild for me if I so chose, which I did not. The chicken kebabs were quite nice and I thought the chicken tasted different to chicken you get in London. 


All the food at the time seemed fine but the next day both me and my boyfriend fell ill and had a tummy ache and we think it is because of the food here. We had been in Vietnam for almost a week now and not been sick even though we had been eating on the street so it is a bit funny how we went to an Indian restaurant and fell ill. Unless you are massively craving Indian food in Hue, would not recommend this place. 


Date: 30/ 08/ 13

Location: Hue, Vietnam

Price for 2 people with some beers: VND 316,000

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Omar Khayyam
34 Nguyễn Tri Phương, Phú Nhuận
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