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I had read a bit about Ondine and how good it was and when I was in Edinburgh I booked this restaurant for lunch as I wanted to try it out. Ondine is located in Edinburgh’s City Centre, just off the Royal Mile, the most famous street in Edinburgh, in the same building as the Misoni hotel, which according to our taxi driver is where all the celebrities like Rihanna stay when they are in Edinburgh.
Ondine is a “luxury seafood restaurant” and the patron chef is Roy Brett, and they apparently are very keen to use sustainable fish and they are now listed as one of the top dozen sustainable fish restaurants in the UK. We had a table booked for lunch at 12.00 and we came a few minutes earlier than 12 and they still let us in and seated us, which some restaurants don’t do and I have had to wait on a few occassions outside for some restaurants to open. The room feels very spacious and light as they have floor to ceiling windows and as the restaurant is located on the first floor you can sit by the window and look at the city of Edinburgh and there won’t be anyone walking past and staring in your plate.
For lunch you could either order our dishes from the set lunch menus, which offered great value for money (2 Courses for £21.95 and 3 Courses for £25.95) which 2 of my friends opted for, or you could order a la carte, which the remaining two of us did. In the a la carte starters range from £8.50 to £13.50 and main courses from £16.50 to £28, although you can also get more expensive seafood platters. When we sat down we were also given two delicious amuse bouche, one of them was a cheese bread puff sort of thing and the other one was fish arancini (fried risotto) ball, and both were delicious.
I ordered the cheapest starter from the menu (£8.50) which was Fish & Shellfish Soup and which was served with Rouille, Gruyère & Croutons. In a very nice old fashioned way the waiter came and first gave me a plate and only afterwards came with a big soup bowl and poured the soup into my soup bowl in front of me. I also very much liked the huge croutons and the cheese and the spread that you used to build your own little crouton that you would float in the soup, and you can see in the picture below how I did it. The soup had rich, intense and pleasant flavour, it felt like it had been made right there and then and it was delicious. The rest of my lunch buddies had the beetroot and deep fried breaded goats cheese salad and it was beautifully presented and all of them loved it and finished their plates.
For my main course I and my friend Mehmet had the “Fish Curry” with basmati wild rice and raita. I was super keen to try this as I wanted to see how this upscale fish restaurant would cook a fish curry, and it was beautiful. I was given a plate of curry sauce and on top of it a beautifully cooked whole fish and I could break away the fish as I wanted and mix it with the curry. I was also given another plate with basmati rice and another one with raita, and I could mix these and eat them as I wanted. The curry was not spicy, and I would have liked it to be, but the taste was delicious, it felt healthy and home made, there was no unhealthy oil floating around and the fish was great. Very nicely presented and delicious fish and Mehmed agreed and really liked it. I also ordered a side dish of broccoli with chilli and hazelnuts, and quite liked it, although the chilli was not that spicy. The rest of the lunch buddies, Eren and Asli, had the small brown shrimp risotto and both of them, especially Asli, really enjoyed it, and she kept saying how good it was. It looked delicious, beautiful colour and full of nice small shrimps.
I did not have a desert, but Mehmet and Asli chose the butternut squash and caramel type of pudding that was served in a jar with madeleine cakes and once again looked beautiful, and they both very much enjoyed it, especially Asli. Eren chose the Cheeseboard with Oatcakes & Quince and he got two different types of cheese.
I had a very very good meal at Ondine, and the best thing about this was when the bill arrived it did not have service charge added to it, like so many UK restaurants do, so I could choose how much I wanted to leave. The food is superb, ranging from modern fish dishes like the fish curry to traditional fish dishes and Ondine does both very well.
Date: 01/ 10/ 13
Location: Edinburgh
Price for 4 people, no alcohol: £175.67 and as service was not included I left 10% service charge

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