Apr 2 2014

Opium Cocktail and Dim Sum


My friend Una was organizing her birthday drinks in Opium Cocktail and Dim Sum Parlour and I do think it is a great place for birthday drinks. Opium Cocktail and Dim Sum Parlour as the name suggests is a dim sum and cocktail bar in Chinatown owned by Dre Masso, Martin Malley and Eric Yu. There is a small sign outside the door in Chinatown saying Opium (and a big bouncer) and you walk up the stairs in a stairway that smells of incense and two floors up is the dragon-red coloured Apothecary Bar (which is stocked not with drink bottles but with Chinese medicine bottles). There are actually many rooms around the house which adds to the charm of the place. The décor is Chinese meats hipster, as there are Chinese elements around the room (incense, Chinese vases) but it is casual and has a casual Soho bar feel as well with old armchairs (and in the toilet the speakers blast you with terrifyingly loud Mandarin announcements).

This place specializes in cocktails which here are interesting and unique. Unfortunately during this visit I did not try any of their cocktails as we were celebrating Una’s birthday with champagne (their signature cocktail is Opium Cocktail No.1, so make sure you have that when you go there). To go with the cocktails you can have dim sum. The menu features all your usual/ popular types of dim sum and cost on average £7 (cheapest dim sum at £5.5 and the most expensive lobster dim sum at £11). I think it is a great concept to have dim sum with cocktails as you can order small portions and just keep ordering as little or as much as you want. I was absolutely full after this dim sum meal we had, however some of my male friends were saying for them it was not enough.

We ordered every possible dim sum from the menu and then shared them among all of us (around 20 people). We did not order enough the first time and had to order another round, but that is the beauty with dim sum, you just order until you are full. We ordered traditional dim sum like Har Gau (king prawn dumpling), Siu Mai (pork and prawn dumplings) and something my boyfriend likes, the Char Siu Bau (the Cantonese barbecue pork bun), as well as creative and unusual dim sum which Opium had on the menu, like crab & damphire dumplings, which I thought were creative, as samphire is such a modern London thing, it is interesting it being brought into dim sum, sea bass & fennel dumplings, another interesting dumpling with fennel not being the obvious thing to use and mushroom and truffle dumpling, and I have never even thought of using truffle in dim sum. I thought the dough could have been a little thinner for some of the dim sum, and it was not the best dim sum in London, but it was good. And it does not have to be the best dim sum in the world, as you come here for the atmosphere, drinks and dim sum as a snack to go with it.

If you want to have drinks with friends, this is a great place, central, funky and with good food and cocktails. It is also open till 3am and serves food until 2.30 am so good place to go for a late night meal/ drink.

Date: 02/ 04/ 14
Location: China Town
Price per person what I paid for some dim sum and drinks: £40

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Opium Cocktail and Dim Sum
15-16 Gerrard Street W1D 6JA
United Kingdom
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