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I was walking through Marylebone, doing my Sunday shopping, and noticed Opso, a new restaurant that had opened where Ping Pong used to be, which had recently shut down (as my boyfriend thinks Marylebone people are too sophisticated for average dim sum). I went in and had a look at the menu and it actually looked quite nice, and offered to my boyfriend to come here later for brunch, which we did.


Opso has just opened and they are soon going to start serving breakfast and dinners as well, but for now they are just open for lunch. It is the first restaurant of this sort in London and it serves modern Greek food and their motto is “social food” and "Greek inspired, London made" and all the food is meant to be shared. Opso is located in a bit of a Greek area in Marylebone, next to it is the Hellenic centre and in front of it the chain the Real Greek, which I think should go out of business next considering Opso serves more interesting Greek food. Opso is named after the ancient Greek word for delicacy.


When we arrived at around 1pm on a Sunday it was almost full, great sign for a new restaurant, and the interior was done in that NY trendy style, with light blue/ green walls and you could see the pipes in the ceiling and this was part of the décor and trendy. The service was just like you would expect it to be in a new restaurant – overenthusiastic but careless at times, they did take their time with quite a few things, like serving me tea, bringing cutlery in the beginning, and they were over-enthusiastic in many other things, they kept asking how we liked every single dish and came over quite often. However I don’t mind this at all in new restaurants.


I initially liked the menu, but my boyfriend was complaining how most of the food was quite unhealthy, with cheese, bread or pasta in almost every single dish, and even scrambled eggs were served on a toast (he has started not to eat bread recently). He tries to avoid these unhealthy carbs these days and so we had problems choosing what to get. However if you don’t mind this sort of food, you will love the place. The menu featured breakfast dishes, like Greek yoghurt, different eggs (scrambled, poached), pancakes and little bread dishes all with a Greek twist, served with some sort of Greek ingredients, which is quite cool. Then the menu also has sharing dishes ranging from £4.5 to £18 and we ordered all our dishes from this section.


We chose four things to share – Taramas (salted cod roe spread with rye bread, £5.5), Greek coleslaw (with carrot, cabbage, iceberg lettuce, scallions, quinoa and dill, £4.5), Dakos  (£7, which the waitress explained was a Greek salad, but was not quite right and hence I was expecting something different. It had olive oil rusks, capers, cherry tomatoes, creamy feta cheese, red onion and olives) and lamb shank (slow cooked on the bone with orzo, tomato marmalade and lemongrass, £18). First the Taramas and the Dakos arrived. The cod roe was good, but not amazing, I have had better, and I am not quite sure where the problem was, what was missing. It was served with crackers, which were nice but I think there is a reason most times it is served with pitta bread, it is just nicer that way, works better. The Dakos was good, but it was very powerful, full of vinegar, onions, olives and tomatoes and just a tiny bit of bread, and I liked it but it was a serious flavour dish. The lamb was delicious, it fell of a bone and was tender and delicious. I also liked the orzo pasta it was served with and it was tender, with a bit of crunch, good. My boyfriend did not eat any of the pasta, being health conscious, and there was more left for me.


I think Opso is a nice addition to Marylebone and I think this is one of those restaurants that is already quite promising and will get better with time as they extend and perfect the menu and service. But it is casual, welcoming and already full of Greek people that want some modern food.  However I do think Ergon, which is located a few streets down and also serves modern Greek food is a bit better with a more creative menu (at least for now, Opso could easily improve).


Date: 22/ 06/ 14

Location: Marylebone

Price for 2 people, no alcohol and no service charge: £38.50 (and we left a bit of service charge)

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