Nov 5 2012

Orange, The


My friend Liza was in town from Atlanta and she wanted to meet up for dinner. As she is from the states I wanted to take her to a traditional (but also nice) British pub, and therefore The Orange, located in Pimlico/ Sloane Square, instantly sprang to mind. I went to The Orange a few years ago and I liked it, and also the Hardens Guide says it is one of the 10 best pubs in London for food (and also The Orange is a sister restaurant to Thomas Cubitt which is great and people love). Note there are also some rooms where you can stay, so the Orange is also a small hotel. 


We met on a Monday night and I was so surprised to see the whole place fill up and literally have no empty seats, which I guess is a great indication of the popularity of the place, especially on a Monday. The Orange is divided into 2 parts, one part is very pub like where people get drinks and the other part is for a more sit down meal. As we were sitting in the seating area of The Orange and catching up, the 3 of us were watching these amazing wood fire baked pizzas go past us that people were eating and we had to have one, so we decided to get one as a starter and share among the three of us. At the orange you can either have Spelt base pizzas which are white pizzas which have the toppings added after baking and contain lower carbohydrates than wheat base pizzas, and the wheat base pizzas. As I did not want any of the “low calorie/ not delicious/ not a pizza really” thing, I definitely wanted the wheat base pizza. All of the pizzas on the menu are quite funky and you won’t find the typical American hot or any other standard Pizza Express pizza here, and Ashley suggested we order the “Prawn, octopus, potato, Laverstoke Farm buffalo mozzarella, chilli & tomato” pizza, which I also would have chosen as the pizza to have. I found it quite funny how they had decided to add potatoes to the pizza, as I have never seen that anywhere else, but I was happy to give it a try. The pizza was delicious, although it was not spicy at all (despite the chilies on top of it) and also I did think the potatoes were very hard, not cooked properly, but still edible, but besides that I did enjoy it very much and had many slices. 


As the main course after the pizza, I wanted to go for something light and ordered the “Grilled prawn, semi dried tomato, red pepper & fennel salad with citrus dressing”. It was extremely simple, just some rocket with a dressing and 4 prawns on top of it. As I was not that hungry by this time after having eaten all that pizza, it was ok for me, but if I had chosen this as my main course I would be seriously disappointed as this salad just did not have much flavour to it, and there was very little fennel or red pepper and tomatoes in there. My friend Liza had the “Mushroom & chilli soup, with sautéed wild mushrooms, goat’s cheese croute”, which looked nice and Liza also seemed to enjoy it. Ashley had the “Chicken & tarragon pie served with pink fir potatoes, broccoli & crispy shallots” (I made him have that as I wanted to taste some, and he could not chose between 2 main courses), I tasted some of the pie, and it was quite bland unfortunately. Tarragon is such a wonderful and powerful herb (I know now as I cook so much these days and have used it as well), and here you could not taste any of it, and also there was too much batter and not enough filling in the pie. 


And this kind of summarises The Orange, that on paper it is a super cool place, and the vibe is still great, and the menu looks interesting and funky when you see it, but the problem is execution and how these dishes look and taste when they arrive and that is not amazing all of the time.


Price for 3 with 1 glass of wine and service charge: £70

Date: 05/ 11/ 12

Location: Pimlico

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Orange, The
37 Pimlico Rd, SW1W 8NE
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