Mar 3 2013

The Orangery, Danesfield House


One week before mother’s day my boyfriend and his brother decided to take their mum out for a nice lunch to celebrate mother’s day early as they could not be there on the actual day, and we decided to drive to Danesfield House in Hanley for a nice lunch. Daniensfield House is a beautiful hotel in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, part of the small luxury hotels of the world programme and from the outside it looks wonderful as it is a large white building almost like a castle. There are some other restaurants in Danesfield House but we had booked a table at the Orangerie which overlooks the garden and so has a lovely view of the river Thames. The restaurant has a floor to ceiling glass wall, which is why it is called the Orangery, so the restaurant lets in a lot of light and is very bright.

When we were seated we were given the lunch menu and in a nice old school fashion type of way (they do this in Le Gavroche) the women were given a menu without the prices. As for my starter I and my boyfriend’s mum chose “goats cheese with golden and candy beets”, and it was nicely presented with 2 different colour beets which were tasty and I liked the goats cheese as well. Nothing too complicated, just a nice solid starter. My boyfriend chose the “confit duck with apple and fig chutney and brioche” which was also ok, and his brother went for the “smoked salmon, avocado and cucumber” starter, which also looked good. These were just standard and nice starters, not bad but not amazing either. As for my main course I went for the “potato gnocchi with young leeks, radish and baked turnip”. I liked the radish as they were thinly cut. The potato gnocchi were definitely homemade and they were quite big, but I did not think they were that nice as they did not really taste like anything, and I even think gnocchi from a packet has a nicer texture and flavor to it. I am also not the biggest fan of leeks or turnips, so I did not particularly enjoy these as they had not created them in an interesting or tasty enough way for me. My boyfriend’s brother and his mum went for the “slow roast suckling pig with apple sauce and stuffing” and my boyfriend chose the “slow roast leg of Berkshire Down Lamb” and both dishes were served with nice roast potatoes. Both these dishes were good, the lamb was nice, but it is just a tiny bit boring to serve meat and potatoes. They were not bad just not that interesting. We were also given some sides to share between us, broccoli with cheese which I really liked but I like many things with cheese, and a side of peas with leeks, which was ok as well as green beans with courgettes. For my desert I chose a plate of cheese and they gave you quite traditional cheese, camembert, cheddar and Red Leicester. I was sad not to see my favourite goats cheese there, and I don’t really like other types of cheese that much. The crackers that went with the cheese were good and super thin. My boyfriend chose a white chocolate parfait, his mum chose crème brule and his brother the apple crumble. All the deserts were classic and good deserts.

The Orangery serves good food, but it is very traditional and typical and there is nothing interesting in many of the dishes which was a problem for me. But if you don’t like any surprises and just want good traditional English food, then this is a good place for you.

Date: 03/03/13
Price for 4 people with a bottle of champagne: £219.94
Location: Hanley

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The Orangery
Henley Road, SL7 2EY
United Kingdom
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