Nov 6 2014

Oscar Wilde bar, Hotel Café Royal


My boyfriend took me to the new Hotel Café Royal for Afternoon tea this weekend. Hotel Café Royal is a 5 star hotel next to Piccadilly station, in the middle of London, and recently refurbished. It used to not be a great hotel, but it closed in 2008, refurbished and re-opened in December 2012. I walk past it frequently, but had never been in there and actually did not know it existed.

Royal Café Hotel is now a beautiful hotel, beautifully redecorated, with rooms in different styles. The lobby and reception seem modern, but the Oscar Wilde room, where we had our afternoon tea, was made up in an old school style with mirrors and paintings and bold golden frames. It is a beautiful room and there are so many things you can look at. There was also a man playing the piano on one side of the room, creating that extra special atmosphere.

My boyfriend had bought the afternoon tea package for us through open table and got 2 for 1, so we only had to pay for 1 afternoon tea. As opposed to us getting a large plate of sweet and savoury treats, like you can do in some places that serve afternoon tea, we started with savoury first and then moved to sweet. We first got a gruyere cheese muffin with cream cheese and a little pipette with which we added apple juice in the middle of the muffin to make it taste better. It was an interesting concept and delicious muffin. We then got a standing tray full of savoury sweets, there were two little chorizo baked tarts, salami sandwiches, cream cheese sandwiches, salmon bagels topped with a small egg, as well as goats cheese filled puffs and prawn sandwiches with Marie Rose sauce. I liked these sandwiches, as they were just that extra bit more interesting than your average afternoon tea sandwiches. Great skill was put into making each one, they were all so different. My favourite one was the chorizo wellington baked tart, it was crunchy and full of flavour.

After the savoury dishes we had another tray of sweet treats as well as a glass of ice tea with a marshmallow. The ice tea had a nice light flavour and the chocolate marshmallow melted in your mouth. The sweet treats were equally impressive as the savoury ones. My favourite one was the absinthe macaroon, and you could taste the absinthe flavour as you were eating it, it was also bright green in a sort of absinthe colour. I also very much liked a plum crumble, it was one of the nicest crumbles I have had in a while, and the plum was not too savoury, it was just right and worked perfectly with the crunchy biscuit topping. We also got a little dark chocolate cake and a cream cake. Besides these sweet treats, the waitress also brought us scones, plain ones, not with raisins, which I liked, as I don’t like the raisin ones. I had a lovely scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam, the scone was flaky and very fresh.

After this meal we were full, but the waitress told us that in the price of our afternoon tea also lemon drizzle cake and chocolate cake slices were included and if we wanted a slice of cake, we just had to ask for it. We were too full, so we did not have a slice of cake, but it is a wonderful option, and the “icing on the cake” to have even more food. I thought the deal that we had where we paid £61.88 for 2 people for this amazing food and a glass of champagne was a great value for money deal. If you have a chance, try to get it, and go there.

Price for 2 people for afternoon tea with champagne: £61.88
Location: Piccadilly
Date: 01/ 11/ 14

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Oscar Wilde bar, Hotel Café Royal
68 Regent Street W1B 4DY
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