Jun 26 2014

The Palomar

I had a very good meal here and if you like casual but good food, you should come here. The Palomar is located in between Soho and Leicester Square, close to Mayfair and serves the food of modern day Jerusalem (which is influenced by Southern Spain, North Africa and the Levant).

I had booked a table for lunch on a Thursday and when I came here the place was busy. It is small, not easy to notice from outside, situated on a small street. When you walk in there is a 16 seat zinc Kitchen Bar that overlooks the chefs, where you can sit, but we sat at the back in a small dining room which had a nice roof light. Tables are located close to each other, so we actually had a small chat with our neighbors when they waiters brought us their dessert.

The menu was great. there was a section called “Nishnushim” which I assume means something along the lines of small dishes or snacks and we ordered “Kubaneh Yemeni pot baked bread served with tahini & grated tomatoes” from this section when my lunch buddy found out that they had their own oven and they baked their own bread. The bread was amazing and the sauces even better, great way to start the meal. And the best thing about the bread was it cost only £1.50 with all the sauces – strange incredible value for money.

The rest of the menu looked super delicious and I had problems choosing what to have as I wanted everything. From the raw bar we ordered a polenta starter, “Polpo à la Papi Mulukhiyah leaves, chickpea, spinach, yogurt & a touch of chilli” and “Fattoush salad Tomato, cucumber, za’atar, sumac, pita croutons & homemade labneh”. All the dishes were excellent. I very much liked their slightly unusual take on the fattoush salad, which was delicious. Same with the octopus. Plates were beautiful, full of flavour, unusual and delicious.

From the main course section which was called “Stove. Josper. Plancha”, named after the various ways how the main courses were cooked, I guess, we chose three different dishes – “Shakshukit Deconstructed kebab with minced meat, yoghurt, tahini, “he 4 tops” & pita croutons”, “Pork belly tajine With Ras el Hanout, dried apricots & Israeli couscous” and “Cornfed chicken Cooked in buttermilk & Jerusalem mixed spices with baby carrot & freekeh”. My favourite dish was the Deconstructed kebab, amazing, but all the dishes once again were just mouth wateringly delicious. Everything I tasted, tasted different but great. My least favourite dish maybe was the chicken but that is just because of my laziness to remove the meat from the bone and does not reflect on the taste of the dish.

The reviews I do of excellent restaurants are probably quite boring as I have nothing bad to say, everything is excellent. I really do recommend The Palomar.  We paid £70.31 for 2 people which is great value for money and had an incredibly delicious meal. Unusual dishes, I don’t see in London, full of flavour, creative. This is such a great addition to the London dining scene. 

Price for 2 people, no alcohol: £70.31
Location: Soho
Date: 26/ 06/ 14

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The Palomar
34 Rupert Street W1D 6DN
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