Jul 20 2014

Parkstone Bay Café

I was trying to find on google the best restaurants in Poole and Parkstone Bay Café came up. Parkstone Bay Café is located on Turks Lane in Lilliput, Poole in the middle of the Parkstone Bay Marina and I guess mainly meant for the Parkstone Bay Marina users who keep their impressive sailing boats there. As you sit in Parkstone Bay Café you can watch the boats and the sea. The café has an outside and an indoor section. We had not booked and wanted to come here for lunch so we unfortunately could not get to sit outdoors as everything was fully booked and we barely managed to get a table inside. As we arrived here for lunch we also saw a lot of people having breakfast here, so you can come here at any part of the day, including for dinner (but book!).

We did not want to have a lot of food, so we just ordered one course. The menu focuses on fish but really has everything. I ordered a fried mackerel with crushed potatoes and my boyfriend went for a take on tuna nicoise salad which used mackerel instead of tuna. My dish was very very good. It was quite simple, but it was very good, the fish was delicious, the portion was good and crushed potatoes were the best thing to serve the mackerel with, I really enjoyed it. I don’t really like nicoise salad as I don’t like egg and cold potatoes in salad, but I liked the smoked mackerel that was used here and I liked the green beans and all the other things apart from the egg and cold potatoes, so if you like nicoise salad, I think you will enjoy this.

Parkstone Bay Café is not overly fancy, but it is such a nice place for lunch. The food is good, solid, and it is wonderful sitting there and looking at the boats.

Date: 20/ 07/ 14
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: I can’t remember but less than £50
Location: Poole, Dorset

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Parkstone Bay Café
Turks Lane Poole BH14 8EW
United Kingdom
Parkstone Bay Café Reviewed by Hungry Bee Maija on . Rating: 3.5