Jun 24 2012

Parrilladas Del Sur

This week was our alphabet restaurant adventure week 2 (as a reminder each week my boyfriend and I chose a cuisine type based on the alphabet letters, last week I had the letter A and chose an American restaurant and this week was my boyfriend’s choice of a restaurant where the cuisine started with B). The cool thing about this is that we don't tell each other where we are going up till the last minute, which meant on Sunday I was told to get into the tube and taken in a mysterious direction. Note I like to think I know my boyfriend quite well and can predict his thought process (including what type of restaurant he would chose) and he had mentioned many times in the passing how he either wanted to take me to a Bulgarian or a Bangladeshi restaurant (and mentioned how amazing the Bangladeshi restaurants were in Brick Lane) so therefore up to the very last minute I thought I was being taken to Brick Lane for a Bangladeshi curry. Which of course I realised was wrong when we got off at Borough station and walked south for 15 min (he took me to an even more remote location in London that I usually venture out for food…). 


The restaurant where he took me turned out to be Bolivian, called Parrilladas del Sur (which in Spanish means Barbecue of the South). This place has such an authentic feeling, 90% of the people in there were Bolivian (or definitely south American), Bolivian TV was on, you could order here traditional Latin American beers and soft drinks (the famous Inca Cola) and when I was eating my meal I felt like I could easily walk out and be in La Paz, it was such a cool and surreal feeling, it was incredible to have something so authentic in the middle of London. 


The kitchen is located in the corner of the dining room, which means it is slightly hot in the room (adding to that Latin American feeling) and smells of food in there (so no nice clothes in there). The portions are HUGE, so this is amazing value for money (the meal + drinks for 2 cost 22 pounds which is so rare to see in London these days)! We shared a starter of a meat pie (empanada) and then a spicy pork soup and the beef ribs. The choice on the menu is fairly big with about 5 soups and around 20 main courses. If you go there for a meal don't expect a gastronomical miracle, but you will have a very nice, large, great value for money, home cooked Bolivian meal in a super cool surrounding

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Paradillas Del Sur
186-188 Old Kent Road, SE1 5TY
United Kingdom
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