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Patty & Bun


I had once had a takeaway from Patty & Bun that my boyfriend brought back home with him, and I did not really find the burger or the fries that amazing, so for a long time I did not understand what the hype about Patty & Bun was. After many times walking past this place and seeing crazy queues outside, I decided I had to go once more to see whether I had been right in my critical opinion about this place.

Patty & Bun started as a pop up but now has a permanent place in Marylebone, close to Bond Street tube station. They apparently use the best ingredients you can get, and try to use British ingredients whenever possible.

I decided to go to Patty & Bun with my boyfriend and his friend Jimmy for dinner. I knew that the queues could be crazy long and I tried to avoid this by going there relatively early. We arrived at 18.00 and had to wait about ten minutes to get in. there were only a few people in front of us at that time. However when I left the queue was crazy and there were around 30 people waiting to get in (I took a picture of this) and it would take them a while, as inside you can only seat 30 people, and I personally think it is borderline insane to wait the same amount of time that it takes you to spend in the restaurant.

The inside of Patty & Ban is casual and laid back, and the restaurant is small and tables are close together and you may need to share a table with someone else. The menu features 6 burgers (cheeseburger, chilli burger, chicken burger, lamb shank burger, vegetarian burger and a burger with caramelized onions) for £7.50 on average (mid range of what a good burger in London costs) and some sides. Jimmy and my boyfriend went for the “ARI GOLD” Cheeseburger which had beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, brioche, and I went for the “Jose Jose Chilli Burger” which had the same things as the cheeseburger, plus chilli chorizo relish. We also ordered all (4) sides that they had on the menu, “Winger Winger Chicken Dinner” or smoked wings with BBQ sauce & spring onions, House salad, coleslaw and chips with rosemary salt.

I have lately been thinking long and hard about different burgers and which ones I prefer more and I am still confused and have to say I like so many different types, they are all so delicious but in a different way. The main difference between a burger in Patty & Bun and in most other places is the Brioche bun. It makes the burger taste very different. This Patty & Bun burger is large, high and sometimes hard to squash down and put in your mouth, but nevertheless it is very delicious. It is in contrast for example to the burger in Shake Shack which is small, easily compressed and manageable, yet differently delicious. I loved my Patty & Bun burger, the chilli relish was nice, not too overwhelming and not too weird how some relishes can be, it was just good and made the burger tasty. There was a thick beef patty inside the burger, cooked medium (like they do unless you tell them otherwise) and overall it was delicious. Much much better than what I remember it was from the takeaway. Sadly I did not get to try my boyfriend’s cheeseburger as he ravished it so quickly I did not get a chance, but he tried my chilli burger and said his one was a bit better. Jimmy also loved his burger. I also very much liked the cool, funky, down to earth paper wrapping with P&B sign in which the burger arrived.

The sides were good, especially the chicken wings, which was delicious, and the boys absolutely loved it. In contrast to some other chicken wings I have had that contain a lot of sauce and flavours and not much meat, these chicken wings actually had some chicken on them and the BBQ sauce and spring onions were lovely and not too overwhelming and the chicken just fell of the bone, delicious. The fries were good, but not the best thing in Patty & Bun. I thought the house salad was quite average, it was a plain salad with a dressing, nothing wrong with it, it just lacked that extra special cool factor that the other dishes had. I liked the coleslaw though, it felt healthy as it did not have that much sauce and the vegetables in there felt fresh and crunchy.

The boys also wanted to have some desert, and the only deserts on the menu were a selection of Choc Ices – Peanut Butter, White Chocolate & Cofee and Salted Caramel. Patty & Bun did not make these Choc Ices, but instead the Ice Cream Company did, especially for Patty & Bun. Jimmy got the peanut butter choc ice and it was very nice and my boyfriend wanted the white chocolate & coffee one but they had run out of it, so he settled for salted caramel. His Choc Ice was half melted, so it was not as enjoyable to eat as Jimmy’s one, but I preferred how the salted caramel tasted as opposed to the peanut butter one, but both were good.

Would I go to Patty & Bun again? Yes I would, but not at the peak hour when I would have to wait for more than an hour to get a table, as I don’t think it is worth that. I think there are many great burger restaurants in London these days, and all of them are slightly different, yet thoroughly enjoyable, and I can’t yet chose which is my favourite one. However I don’t think any of these places are worth 1 hour of my life just standing outside of them, and so I will only go there when the queue is small and I don’t have to freeze and stand outside.

Date: 19/ 09/ 13
Location: Marylebone
Price for 3 people with a gin and tonic and service charge: £57.09

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Patty & Bun
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