Feb 4 2013

Pearl Liang


I went to Pearl Liang as I saw this restaurant mentioned in the Financial Times, in one of their articles, saying that Chinese restaurants despite having good food sometimes lack good service, and this was mentioned as one of the exceptions. As I had never heard of this Chinese restaurant, and I do love Chinese food, I decided to try it out. 


Pearl Liang is located in Paddington and was a bit hard for me to find at first, as it is sort of located outside of the Paddington station in a small closed circle area. The décor was quite nice with water features, bamboo and a full room-length painting of Chinese blossom branches, but it is not one of these decors you remember after you are gone. 


I went there with a group of my friends and I can’t say that I was extremely impressed with the service, as I had to waive my hands desperately many times to attract the attention of the waiters. As for the food, I thought it was good, but not excellent. You can see some of the dishes that I had in pictures below. Also the restaurant was quite empty even though we went there on a Saturday evening for dinner and this sort of meant there was lack of lively atmosphere.


So overall I think it is good but Pearl Liang does not stand out for me in any way from the rest of the amazing Chinese restaurants in London. 


Date: 04/ 02/ 13

Location: Paddington 

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Pear Liang
8 Sheldon Square, Paddington, W2 6EZ
United Kingdom
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