Jun 27 2013

Pearson Room, The


I had read a few months ago that a new restaurant had opened in Canary Wharf, The Pearson Room, and the article that referred to it spoke of burgers, fried chicken, all sorts of casual and cool types of food that you could eat there. In reality I found the Pearson Room very different when I visited it with my friend Anda for a lunch.

The Pearsoon Room is located in the Reebok sports centre in Canada Square, Canary Wharf, just above Waitrose, and the interior reminds me a lot of the Riding House Café, a brunch/ breakfast/ lunch restaurant just north of Oxford Circus. There are various different shaped tables and chairs, so you can be more or less formal when you eat depending on how you feel. We sat at a separate table, but there were people sitting on communal tables on one end, or in sofas, all eating lunch and overlooking Canada Square, which is quite a pleasant part of Canary Wharf. The Pearson Room is named after the Canadian Nobel Prize winning Statesman, Lester B. Pearson (I personally did not know who he was, had to google him, and still can’t see the link between his name and food and this restaurant).

The head chef is Vagner Matos who draws influence from all over the world in creating his menu, which you sort of could see, as the menu featured some non-European things like Argentinian “chimichurri”, Latin American “cassava chips” and US style burgers and lobster sandwich, but the menu also had your typical lunch type of dishes. The menu is not cheap, and the mains at £19 on average are closer to Mayfair prices than Canary Wharf or brunch restaurant prices (definitely more than Riding House Café).

I ordered their special for the day which was a thin chicken fillet served with green salsa and with thinly cut tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and peppers. This was my perfect type of dish, I very much enjoyed it, as I loved the healthy chicken and the delicious sauce that went with it, it was tasty and so healthy, and the vegetables were the perfect accompanying feature to this dish, delicious and also healthy. This sort of thing seems so easy to serve yet very few other restaurants do it like this, I very much enjoyed it. My friend Anda said she had had a spelt risotto last time she came here which was excellent, but as they had changed the menu, it was not on the menu anymore, and she decided to order another type of risotto they had on the menu “smoked haddock, Spanish saffron risotto”. She liked it but said the spelt risotto that she had before was better. I also tasted some of it, and found the rice very hard, so don’t think the rice had been properly cooked and were more than “a la dente” but the flavours were great, you could taste haddock and saffron, and had the rice been properly cooked this would be excellent in my view

I very much enjoyed the Pearson Room, I thought the food was good and interesting and a bit more unusual than your average lunch restaurant, and also I liked the atmosphere. I look forward to coming back and trying more of their dishes.

Date: 27/06/13
Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: £38
Location: Canary Wharf

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Pearson Room, The
2nd Floor, 16-19 Canada Square, E14 5ER
United Kingdom
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