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Perkin Reveller

I was having drinks with my friends Santa and Lasma in St Katherine’s Docks, just by Tower Bridge, and it was approaching 8pm and we were feeling hungry so Santa suggested we go have dinner in the nearby restaurant Perkin Reveller. We called them 30 minutes before we wanted to have our dinner on a Saturday evening and managed to get a table there. Perkin Reveller is located on the south side of the Thames at Tower Bridge. The area around Tower Bridge is owned by Historic Royal Palaces (an independent charity that also looks after Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, Kew Palace and Banqueting House) and they together with some partners have launched Perkin Reveller. The restaurant is named after one of the characters in The Canterbury Tales, the Cook’s Tale,  the apprentice chef Perkin the Reveller who was apparently very merry and loved to eat, sing and dance at any opportunity.

When we arrived the place was half full and you had a chance to either sit inside or outside on their terrace (that has a nice view of Tower Bridge on one side and the Shard on the other), but as it was quite cold we decided to sit inside. They also have a bar, which is quite bad, with super uncomfortable and what felt like very dirty sofas so needless to say we decided to go for a drink after our meal somewhere else and not stay there. The dining area has been decorated and furnished by apparently as many hand crafted things as they could find and things that come from small producers and local artisans are chairs, outdoor cushions and fire pits, cutlery, earthenware beer jugs and tables.

The menu features typical British and also popular European dishes, the sort of dishes that would appeal to most people, which I guess is how they try to lure the tourists in. The main chef is Andrew Donovan and the restaurant has been open for less than a year. For my starter I chose “Home smoked salmon & fennel salad” and it was exactly what it said it would be, just smoked salmon with fennel (not too much fennel unfortunately) and pleasant but quite easy to make. Santa had a similar comment about her starter, mozzarella with tomatoes, which was also exactly just that without any extra creativity. Lasma however very much enjoyed her starter, salad of watermelon, rocket and goats cheese, and she thought this was one of the nicest salads she has had in a while.

I decided to have “Cornish fish stew, saffron potatoes, seasonal vegetables” for my main course and I got a huge pot of seafood and fish (sea bass, monkfish, cockles, crab and clams) together with three delicious saffron potatoes. I did think it was a great dish and great value for money as you got so much fish, but I wish there had been more potatoes or vegetables as I had finished these very quickly and was eating plain fish and you sort of needed something else to go with it, but all the fish was good. Lasma ordered “Mussels, white wine, garlic & crème” and even though she wanted this as a main portion initially they brought her a starter portion (smaller pot of mussels) and later on when she told the waiter about their mistake, they brought her another small starter portion, so overall she got her main in two different batches. I tasted some of the sauce of mussels and quite enjoyed it, but once again it was exactly what it said on the menu, mussels in the typical sauce. Santa had ordered “Pork belly, black pudding, mash & crispy pork croquette” and she thought this dish was very dry and needed some sauce which they had not provided. You can also see pictures of chips and vegetables we had as a side. After the meal Lasma also ordered a very delicious desert, which you can see in the pictures.

I had an ok meal at Perkin Reveller, and I don’t really have that much criticism, apart from the fact the food was a bit boring. It was dinner party food presented well, all the things you can sort of create at home without too much creativity and just well presented.

Date: 03/ 08/ 12
Price for 3 people with alcohol and service charge: £135
Location: Tower Bridge

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Perkin Reveller
The Wharf at The Tower of London, EC3N 4AB
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