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Peyote is a small, spineless cactus that grows in Northern Mexico notorious for its hallucinogenic properties and a Mexican restaurant in Mayfair has been named after this cactus. Peyote is located on Cork street in Mayfair where restaurant Aurelia used to be and it serves Mexican food. The owner of Peyote is Arjun Waney, who also owns, the Arts Club, Zuma, Coya, Roka, all those trendy London places. The place is very subtle from outside and you can easily walk past it and my friend that I was meeting there actually walked past it the first time and could not find it. There is only a small sign on the door saying Peyote, which is easily missed.


I went to Peyote for lunch on a Friday and the restaurant was absolutely empty and there was only one other table occupied (it was so empty probably because it was just after the new year and people were not going out yet). The interior is nice, very Mayfair like, but there were also some trendy elements like skulls situated in the walls and cool hanging lamps. The bar apparently has a list of 100 different tequilas and mescal, and you can even buy a tequila and then store it in the restaurant for when you come again in one of their 20 tequila lockers.


The menu is divided into “starters”, “ceviches”, “laminados”,”tostadas”, “tacos”, “quesadillas” as well as main courses and sides. The smaller starter dishes are on average £9/£10 each and the main course dishes go up to £29 (£22 on average). At Peyote the focus is on sharing so we ordered dishes from almost every section and then shared everything. Also the waitress suggested we have guacamole before we start, which we did, and which was excellent. Not always do I like guacamole and here I loved it. They also brought out different other sauces we could eat with the crispy tortilla chips. We started our meal with a ceviche, which was superb, and also with tuna “laminado” which is a Mexican type of sashimi. Fish was fresh in both of them and I loved the added Mexican flavours and spices. Ceviche is more of a Peruvian thing and I have not seen this being eaten in Mexico, so I guess this restaurant does do Latin American dishes that the modern Londoner wants to see, not just Mexican food.


After these raw dishes, we moved to the cooked food and ordered a cochinita pibil (pork pibil) taco as well as a pollo/ cerdo al pastor (chicken/ pork al pastor) quesadilla. Both were excellent but I preferred the pork pibil taco. It was excellent. I love Taqueria (MMMM), a taco restaurant in Notting Hill and Peyote tacos were almost as good as in Taqueria, not as casual and messy though. This place does serve good Mexican food, but it is more expensive than in Taqueria.


For our main course we went for the stone bass with guajillo sauce, and had sides of asparagus and corn. The stone bass was excellent, the sauce delicious. I also very much liked the corn, which they served with cheese, peppers and a sauce, it was delicious. The waitress had recommended we have that and I am very glad we did.


We also decided to share a desert and once again the waitress recommended something for us, the Churros with chocolate sauce. Churros is a typical Spanish dessert and they can be quite heavy and super unhealthy, but I loved the version that Peyote served us. The churros somehow felt lighter (note this is not a light desert though) and they were very tasty. I could not finish the whole portion, could barely manage two, so best to share this dish with someone.


I think Peyote dose very good Mexican food. The flavours are there, the dishes are executed well and I don’t think there is any other upscale Mexican restaurant in London, so if you want to have Mexican food in a nice, upscale environment, this place is for you.


date: 03/ 01/ 14

Location: Mayfair

Price for 2 people, no alcohol and service charge: £119.04


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13 Cork Street, Mayfair W1S 3NS
United Kingdom
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